3 Steps to Marvelous Meeting Votes

How Meetings Work with ElectionBuddy


Prepare the perfect meeting in minutes

Create a registration, test ballot and all the meeting items being voted on including motion approvals and candidate elections. Add voter lists and send meeting notice by email, text and mail, or add voting to a mobile app. And just prior to meeting, a quick test gets voters ready to meet and vote.

Voting is fast and smooth

Voters vote in-person, virtually or both using their iphone, Android Phone, tablet or laptop for any number of meeting items. ElectionBuddy easily works with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or any video conference. And amendments are created with a click.

Immediate high-Integrity results

After closing the vote, results are instantly tallied and available for review or shared in the video conference, on the voter device, or certified and shared after the meeting. All while keeping voter's choices secret and ensuring observability.
MeetingVote Overview Video (90 second video)

Meeting Votes for Orderly Decisions.

MeetingVote helps organizations of any size manage voting during a meeting in 3-steps. Whether you have multiple administrators or a multi-chapter organization, you can create, amend, and vote on any number of motions. 

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“ElectionBuddy ensures free access to the democratic functions of our organization, allowing us to have an accessible general meeting online without sacrificing any voting integrity.”

Jenelle D., Organiser, BC Federation of Students
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Voting Flexibility

Vote on Anything

You can set up ElectionBuddy for use in a wide variety of meeting situations. With our flexible voting methods, you can combine ballot types within a meeting to simplify the voting process for your voters. 

Who uses ElectionBuddy for meeting votes?

ElectionBuddy is used by world-class organizations with industry-specific voting needs.

All the Features for Meeting Votes

Regardless of the decision you have to make, our features make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Multiple Ways to Vote

Voters can vote remotely or during a meeting using their cellphone, computer, tablet or mail. Voting is completed using a simple, easy to use, tech-friendly ballot.

Personalized Notice

Reach voters by email, mail, text message, or using your own website, e-newsletter or existing systems with a personalized election announcement for each voter.

Customizable Ballots

Our customizable ballots allow for multiple vacancies, randomized candidate or question order, editing descriptions, highlighting amendments and striking out words. You can also add documents or website links.

Reports and Graphs

View winners and results in easy to read summaries, pie charts and bar graphs. Analyze the voter list and conduct a voter audit too.

Weighted Votes

Allow some voters to get more votes than others. Great for condominium boards or regional representation or proxy voting.

Voting Subgroups

Limit questions to a portion of your voters. For example, only Freshman vote for their class rep, while everyone votes for the school president

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MeetingVote Services

We get it. We understand what you're up against and keep your needs out in front. In some organizations the complexity and deadline of the election is overwhelming. We’ve seen thousands of organizations handle millions of votes. Whether you just need a little training, or you want us to take the vote off your hands, we can do it.

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Setup Consulting

Just getting started can be daunting. You’re up against tight deadlines. You choose, either SETUP ASSISTANCE, where we verify your settings, help you send out notifications, and guide you through unlimited test motions, or, we can take the whole setup process off your hands entirely with DEDICATED SETUP.

During the Meeting

In addition to the dedicated setup from your ElectionBuddy Expert, the ElectionBuddy team manages your voter list and interacts directly with your voters during the meeting. After consultation with you, voter questions are answered by the ElectionBuddy team to ensure voter anonymity is maintained.

Results Certification

We can ensure the highest possible election integrity and third-party independence. We certify and deliver voting results to you, and, if needed, directly to your voters.

Fully Managed Elections

From dedicated setup, to voter inquiry management, onsite scruitineering, and results certification, we can manage the entire process with you at the centre so that your election is flawless.

Start a Conversation

We can figure out what level of help you need so you can get to the results.

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