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If accessible democracy around the world is something you are passionate about, join us in helping thousands of organizations conduct secure, unbiased elections and meeting votes. We can only do this with talented team members who share our core values and culture.

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Core Values

Help First

Enjoy the Journey

Be Curious

Roll with it

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If you want to be an ElectionBuddy

Elections are a fascinating and challenging process. For most, votes happen once a year and can be an intense short process requiring adherence to specific rules and bylaws. Some votes are built on the fly during meetings and some need monitoring by an independent body. That’s one of the reasons there’s no other job in the world quite like working at ElectionBuddy. It requires our team to be helpful, curious, attentive, flexible and happy.

Remote work is part of our culture. We have experts on our team from across Canada, USA and South America. We believe remote work helps people lead more flexible lives which gives back more to ElectionBuddy and helps us achieve our core purpose of "Accessible Democracy Around The World".

And our team believes we bring their best version of ourselves when we have the opportunity to fulfill both our career aspirations and personal goals. We encourage all that join us to enjoy the journey. It’s why our culture is built on inclusivity, accountability and collaboration.

Available positions

Implementation Experts

Want to open an election in the USA, set up voting for a Dutch customer, and run meeting votes for an Australian customer all before lunch? Then ElectionBuddy is the place for you! We are searching for high-performing Implementation Experts to join our ever expanding services team. In this role, you are responsible for working closely with our customers to help them create, open and manage their elections or meeting votes.


Onboarding Sales Experts

Join our team of Onboarding Experts by developing relationships with decision-makers across a wide spectrum of member-based organizations, from sports associations to unions. By guiding potential ElectionBuddy customers to the right voting solution you will be helping election administrators understand the unique benefits ElectionBuddy offers and why we're the premier solution for electronic voting.


Content Guru

If you have world-class writing skills and are passionate about democracy, this position is right for you! You will be creating and editing marketing website content, blog posts and other social media content. You will also assist other team members to create the friendly yet professional messaging in our application, support documents and other areas. We'd love you to start write/right away, so you can create better puns in our job postings too!


Full Stack Developers

At the core of our core SaaS application is Ruby on Rails application, and we're looking for the right developers to build accessible democracy around the world. At ElectionBuddy, you'll work on a tight-knit team in an agile way, build with test first build principles and the ability to construct awesomesauce code!


Customer Success Experts

Do it well, make it right. The Customer Success Team is the gatekeeper to election excellence; welcoming new and experienced election administrators to ElectionBuddy's versatile application with a wide range of features. Our job is to guide all users, whether they be first-time administrators or seasoned electioneers through the complex and intriguing world of Do-it-yourself votes.


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