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ElectionBuddy is about accessible democracy around the world. Our team of Election Experts build and deliver easy to use, high integrity, affordable voting solutions to voters and voting administrators of member-based organizations.

We've worked with some of the best organizations in the world.

Our Story

ElectionBuddy was born from necessity and opportunity

ElectionBuddy is the result of frustrations running elections for student groups, associations and not for profit organizations. We spent many hours tallying paper ballots and kludgy spreadsheets or scripts to tally and share results. After searching for solutions we found that they were either too hard or way too expensive. We knew we could do better.

So we created an online election system with that could be accessed affordably, using desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

We added features through the years as we learned from the voting community, and enhanced our capabilities to grow our services to meet requirements for a broad range of industries.  We have provided services for votes that have exceeded 100,000 voters. 

Where we are today

Our cloud based voting platform runs both election and meeting votes, in over 194 countries in 42 languages. We have provided services for votes that have exceeded 100,000 voters. And we continue to provide both small volunteer groups and large associations to run a secure, democratic election at a reasonable price.  Our core purpose is to achieve accessible democracy around the world.

Who we are

ElectionBuddy is designed and developed by ElectionBuddy Inc. We build simple elegant technology solutions to real world problems by listening to our customer needs. And we are always looking to improve our ElectionBuddy online voting system, so contact us with your comments and questions!

  • “Election season is already busy and stressful enough, but ElectionBuddy made it so easy! It is worth every penny to work with an ElectionBuddy expert. We highly recommend it to other organizations.”
    Fred Shahakian
    President, ACMEA
    "Both ElectionBuddy's platform and Dedicated Support were a wonderful fit for our system-wide school governance team elections. The platform provided multiple ways to reach our parents and the support ensured the entire election process was successful."
    Diane Jacobi
    School Governance Liaison, Atlanta Public Schools GO Team

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