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ElectionBuddy is the number one voting platform for College and University student governments, student clubs, faculty and alumni associations by providing a secure democratic vote at an affordable price.

Reviews from college and university customers

"I highly recommend ElectionBuddy to anyone looking to improve their election. Whether streamlining the voting process, adding another level of security and integrity, or taking the stress out of holding an election."

Ashley P., Marketing Manager
Saskatchewan Polytechnic Students' Association
"ElectionBuddy is an invaluable tool to ensure access to the democratic functions of our organization. It allowed us to have an accessible general meeting online without sacrificing any voting integrity."

Jenelle D, Organizer
BC Federation of Students
"This was the third year using ElectionBuddy for our annual meeting and elections. The personal attention from the support team is amazing and makes all the difference in the confidence in the results and timing. Overall, a great experience."

Education Management
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Why college and university choose us

You can’t be “too busy” to vote

Email and SMS notice types and reminders, as well as remote and on-site strategies for capturing votes, maximizes the convenience of voting and helps you increase turnout.

A simple solution for all kinds of elections

A comprehensive set of voting methods allow ElectionBuddy to be used for any decisions or surveys that must be put forth toward the student body — not just Director or Executive position elections.

An excuse for using cell phones in class

An optimized and dynamic mobile voting experience allows students and faculty to vote on the device they prefer, and can vote at any point when the voting period is open.

Affordable, even on a student budget

Post-secondary education is expensive enough without adding election costs to it — ElectionBuddy is priced to fit within your student budget, while still giving you the features you need.

Student Government

Exams, assignments, papers… and an election to run on top of it all. While ElectionBuddy can’t write that paper that’s due tomorrow for you, it will make setting up and running your election a cinch — leaving you with more time to focus on that paper!

Student Groups

Focus on the mandate of your student group and ensure that your group is represented by the best students by offering a straightforward way to ensure everyone votes. Our College and University online voting system setup is fast, voting is easy, and the sharing of results is simple!

Faculty and Staff Associations

Spend more time on your professional research and less time investigating how to run a successful election to pick department leadership. ElectionBuddy’s voting software for schools is simple, straightforward interface and commitment to election integrity ensures that you get your election right the first time. Learn more

Alumni Associations

With a membership that grows every semester, reaching out to your entire alumni doesn’t have to be difficult. ElectionBuddy can help you engage your alumni by getting them involved with the decision-making process, no matter where life has taken them. Learn More

Fraternities and Sororities

From decisions on fundraising initiatives to electing leadership, to feedback on chapter and national initiatives, ElectionBuddy can build a ballot or poll for anything that you need to put forth to your members. Learn More

Other Campus Groups

A wide variety of features and low pricing makes ElectionBuddy your best bet for your elections, no matter what type of group you are on campus. Everyone in your group will love the voting simplicity!

Ballots that work for Colleges and Universities

Create perfectly designed accessible ballots. Below are samples used by education institutions:

Executive Officer Elections

Voters select 1 candidate and the candidate with the most votes wins. This is known as Plurality Voting.

Board Elections

Voters choose the number of candidates based on vacancies. The candidates with the most votes win.

Meeting Votes

Voters vote to approve or reject motions or agenda items, for example, the prior meeting's minutes.

Colleges & Universities

Any Campus, Any Student Body, Anytime.

Regardless of whether you're a member of a faculty, involved with a student government, or part of a sorority, our voting platform has the flexibility and power to handle any type of voting so you can make powerful decisions, fast.

“We highly recommend ElectionBuddy to anyone looking to improve their election, whether it’s to streamline the voting process, add another level of security and integrity, or simply to take the stress of holding an election out of the equation.”

Ashley P., Marketing Manager
Saskatchewan Polytechnic Students' Association
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Need help elevating your elections?

Whether you just need a little training, or you want us to take care of the entire voting process, let’s chat about what works for you so you can make amazing decisions, quicker.

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