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Notifying voters is an integral part of the election process. 

Email Notices

Email notices are the most common notice type for electronic elections, and are one of two electronic notice types that ElectionBuddy offers. Many attributes of emails make them ideal for use during elections. In recent years, email has become a highly prevalent form of communication, so most people have email addresses. They are also extremely affordable, particularly in comparison to the cost of sending physical mail. Delivery is relatively instantaneous, and emails can be received by a recipient at any point in the day, meaning that a voter can vote at any point in the day. This increased convenience can lead to increased voter turnout — and with the money you’ll save over paper, email notices are a win for both you and your voters!

SMS Notices

SMS (text message) notices are an ElectionBuddy specialty, and are one of two electronic notice methods that ElectionBuddy offers. Several characteristics of SMS messages make them an excellent notice choice. First, almost everyone has a phone on them at all times. Of course, in order to vote from an SMS notice, the recipient will need to be able to access the internet, but people generally check texts much more frequently than emails. They are also relatively inexpensive in comparison to physical mail, and are delivered instantaneously. SMS notices are also far less prone to being flagged as spam, meaning it is easier to send an SMS notice successfully to a voter.

Postal Notices

Even in today’s technology-centric world, some people do not have email addresses or cell phones. So, there must be some bridge that allows these voters to be notified about the election and cast a vote. This is where good, ol’ fashioned physical mail fits into the equation, and it is one of the notice types offered by ElectionBuddy. The special part about ElectionBuddy’s postal notices is that ElectionBuddy will mail these out on your behalf — no envelope stuffing and stamping required on your part!

Printed Notices

Sometimes, you just can’t get around having to use a physical piece of paper to notify your voters about an election. But, getting notices to voters via mail can be quite expensive, especially if relying on a third party to mail your notices for you. ElectionBuddy’s printed notices allow you to automate the creation of your physical election material, while also allowing for you to capitalize on mailing discounts that you may be able to get locally! They’re the perfect solution for those who aren’t afraid to do a little work to save a lot!

In certain situations, printed notices can make just as much sense as email notices. For example, if you’re running a classroom election in a K-12 school, printed notices are very practical to distribute to students. HOAs and Condominium Owners’ Associations can also benefit from printed notices, as all residents are located in one area, and manual distribution to these voters would not be that challenging.

Create Notices Yourself

There are all different kinds of organizations, and all different kinds of organizations have different kinds of electoral processes. That’s why ElectionBuddy has so many options for distribution of voting credentials, including manual keys! Manual keys are for organizations who have their own plans for creating notices and distributing voting credentials. ElectionBuddy provides you with a list of access keys, one per voter, and you can distribute them to your voters as your electoral process requires. To save on distribution costs, they could be included in statements for membership dues, personalized newsletters, and more, Or, you can include them in election notices crafted by your organization, which is an excellent option if you have specific bylaw requirements for what your election notices have to say.

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