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Not every election or every organization can run their election by themselves. That’s why we offer a suite of services that facilitate elections with 100,000+ voters, ensure compliance to standards, and provide third-party independence. You can have the confidence that you’re getting the results you need. 

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Setup Consultation

You’d probably like to do most of it yourself, but you’re up against tight deadlines. An ElectionBuddy Expert can review your election setup via email or an online meeting. They can consult with you to review your requirements, provide guidance, ensure that you have created the optimal election or meeting flow, and be standing by when the meeting or election opens. You can even add "on-call" email support for the duration of your meeting or election for extra peace of mind.

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Perfect Settings

We help you ensure that the voter experience is maintained throughout your election setup. We provide guidance on your election details, voting groups, ballot design, notifications & reminders, and email deliverability.

Any Type of Vote

We advise you on best practices so that your vote works for your industry and the type of election or meeting you are running. We help you comply with voting standards for your industry.

Unlimited Test Elections

Once your settings and voting details are configured, you can run unlimited test votes so you are comfortable knowing everything will run flawlessly.

"We made the perfect decision by choosing ElectionBuddy. We reached quorum the first day! Our voter participation exceeded 30% voter engagement, more than the past three elections combined!"

Kevin Forwalk, Treasurer, Cortina Homeowners Association

Custom Services and Pricing for Your Organization

Organizations across many industries use ElectionBuddy to host elections safely and securely.

We do the setup work for you

Expert Setup

If you’d rather we setup your election or meeting your dedicated ElectionBuddy Expert will take care of setting up every detail of your vote. You provide the specifics, your voter list, and then review for final approval. You answer voter questions yourself with help from your Dedicated Expert. You always have direct access to your Expert for any questions or issues that come up.

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Ballot Design

You can set up ElectionBuddy for use in a wide variety of elections, votes and polls. With our flexible voting methods, you can combine ballot types within an election to simplify the voting process for your voters.

Voter List Management

Assistance to import voter information from Gmail, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Microsoft Excel, member management systems and CRM applications. Notify voters by email, mail, text message, using your own website, e-newsletter, or existing systems with a customized election announcement.

Seamless Integrations

We integrate with your organizational username and password so voters can use their own credentials to access their ballot, which simplifies voter list management for administrators.

We Take Care of Everything

Setup and Voter Inquiries

If you need the full power of the ElectionBuddy team, we’re here for you. You’ll be assigned an ElectionBuddy Expert who will manage your setup all the way through the vote itself, including answering voter questions.

We provide the expertise, technical assistance, and onsite manpower you need to get decisions made with the highest possible election integrity and independence. From Voter List Management to Voter Inquiry Management to an Onsite Scrutineer Team and Results Certification, we’ve handled millions of votes in thousands of elections and meetings.

Fully customize your pricing plan based on your individual needs and requirements. Talk to an expert today.

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Scrutineering Team

If you are running an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting where your members need to vote, ElectionBuddy experts can provide oversight and assistance to ensure your vote is smooth and certifiable. Using the ElectionBuddy voting platform, you can have our experts create motions, review voting, provide expert advice and assistance to ensure that your voting process is observable, verifiable and certified.

Voter Inquiry Management

Expert Setup with Voter Inquiry management provides the highest possible election integrity and independence as it removes the potential for any perceived conflict of interest. In addition to completing your Setup, your ElectionBuddy Expert team manages your voter list and interacts directly with your voters during the election. After consultation with you, voter questions are answered by the ElectionBuddy team to ensure voter anonymity is maintained. We also certify and deliver voting results to you, and, if needed, directly to your voters.

Results Certification

We follow the United States Department of Labor Office of Labor-Management Standards for elections. Another key election auditability factor is to allow independent observability of the entire election process, including whether settings have changed, whether the votes cast by voters are the same as when the election results are tallied and election winners calculated, and whether the vote uses standard election systems and voting methods, such as first past the post, preferential or Single Transferable Vote (STV).

Not sure how much help you need?

Whether you just need a little help, or you want us to take care of your election or meeting, let’s chat about what works for you.

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