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ElectionBuddy is the easiest voting solution for every church or religious organizations. Provide equal access to voting in a church leadership election to every member of your congregation while improving your member engagement at a price that saves you time and effort.

Reviews from religious groups customers

"Feature-rich, user-friendly and cost-effective. ElectionBuddy has an Intuitive user interface. The application is well thought out and reasonably priced. Highly recommended!"

Religious Institution
"ElectionBuddy met and exceeded our needs and expectations. The responsiveness and flexibility of the staff made the exercise of preparation and execution a breeze."

Josue P.
Seventh-day Adventist Church
"The ease to communicate with all my members as well as putting ballots together. It was easy setting up and completing the election. ElectionBuddy is very user-friendly too"

Religious Institution
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Why religious groups choose us for leadership elections

Easy for your churches and your entire group

ElectionBuddy is simple to set up for individual churches with minimal training, and powerful enough to manage combined votes of greater than 100,000 members so you can manage a vote for your entire organization.  

Manage Conventions and Elections

Vote on individual motions within your worship or administrative meeting so you can resolve every item in your agenda, and elect candidates for clergy or church leadership. The broad set of ElectionBuddy features manage all voting types including surveys and awards.

Engage all of your members more often

Email and SMS notice types and reminders, as well as in-person and online features including videoconferencing integrations allow for your local churches and geographically separated groups to vote together more often. 

Spend less on administration

Donations and dues should be allocated to your projects and good works! ElectionBuddy allows you to put more of those dollars back into important initiatives and improvements rather than your church's voting process.

Ballots that work for Churches and Religious Organizations

Create perfectly designed accessible voter ballots. Below are samples used by religious organizations like you:

Clergy Board Elections

Voters choose the number of candidates based on vacancies. The candidates with the most votes win.

Bylaw Amendments

Voters approve or reject a bylaw amendment by reviewing an attached document or summary.

Meeting Votes

Voters vote for or against the minutes from the last meeting.

International Organizations

Multiple voting methods to help you reach your congregation around the world? YES! Equal Access? YOU BET! integrity? ABSOLUTELY. Online and In-Person Voting, FOR SURE! ElectionBuddy has all the features and technology you need to vote for new church leadership!

Local Churches

Large membership or small, ElectionBuddy makes it simple to vote on all the kinds of votes that you run annually or monthly. Motion Approvals, Agenda items, and Leadership votes, ElectionBuddy  does all your voting, easily.

Other Religious Groups

If you support a cause, and need a way to ratify the agenda, vote with ElectionBuddy. Customizable ballots, a variety of voting systems, and fast 3 step  set up allows anyone to manage the votes with minimal time and effort.

Five Benefits of an Online Church Election Procedure

Implementing digital church election ballots can increase participation and make your election more accessible, providing several advantages.

“The team is responsive and super calm under pressure while dealing with our many votes. The ElectionBuddy System has provided us the ability to give our our congregation equal access. Now every voice is heard and every vote counts." 

Minister S. Meeks Jr. General Assembly, Church of God in Christ.
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Churches and Religious Organizations

Voting that is simply managed for any age, location or voting need

Whether you're a Bishop or a Volunteer, Council Member within a church, or a guiding leader within a movement, ElectionBuddy voting works for votes that are large or small, remote or in-person, electronic or paper, or any combination of voting types. Decide faster with more input more often!

Need help with your voting?

Whether you just need a little training, or you want us to take care of the entire voting process, let’s chat about what works for you so you can make amazing decisions with more engagement.

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