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A quick, convenient, and cost-effective alternative to reduce volunteer hours and improve voter turnout — ideal for associations, schools, unions or anyone
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Reach voters

Reach All Your Voters

Notify voters through email, mail or distribute ballots yourself. Voters vote online or by return mail or onsite and in person.
Voting integrity

Voting Integrity

Voter can only vote once and voting choices remain anonymous. Each ballot has one, secure voting key.
Election security

Election Security

256-bit encryption used — the same security as major banks. And we don’t share or use voter data — your elections stay private!
Automatic tabulation

Automatic Tabulation

Winners are selected using: first past the post, preferential ballot, approval voting or you can tabulate yourself.
Improve turnout

Boost Voter Turnout

Receive alerts when email notices bounce so you can resend or phone voters. And send voting reminders too.
Awesome support

Awesome Support

Extensive help available and the best email support this side of the internet, although you likely won’t need it!

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Add voter lists from Excel, your favourite contact manager or your organization’s CRM

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Works for star Popular Election Types Works great for Works Great For...
Board of Director elections Charities, Non Profits, Condo Owners, Credit Unions, Companies
Executive office elections Associations, Home Owner Associations, Unions, Student Groups, Fraternities
Student Council elections High Schools, Colleges, Universities
Public Opinion polls & referendums Unions, Municipalities, State Government, Political Groups
Popularity Votes “Employee of the year”, “Man of the year”

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  • Fast and easy to create — have your election up and running in 10 minutes.
  • Add email addresses from Excel, email program, your contact manager or CRM.
  • Improve turnout — reach more voters by email and resend ballots when voters don’t respond.
  • Less work — votes are automatically counted and tabulated.
  • Voting is easy and convenient — it’s one click to vote; voters can choose when they want to vote
  • Works the way voters do — email notifications, printed ballots, and walk-in on site voting.
  • Voting is completely anonymous — ballots cannot be tied to voters.
  • Speedy results — share full colour graphs with your organization online.

It’s always free for less than 20 voters — try it for yourself

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