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How and when do I pay?

Included Features

Multiple Voting Methods
Random Ordering
Candidate Bios and Photos
Write-ins and Abstentions
Email Voting
Customizable Notices
Knowledge Base Support

Features for Every Size of Vote

Pay for only the features you need.

Up to 20 Voters

All you need to run a basic vote at a great price, FREE:

Candidate Photos and Bios
Notice Customization
Email Notices
Write-ins and Abstentions
Knowledge Base Support
Create-It-Yourself Notices

Up to 350 Voters

All the features included for Up To 20 Voters, PLUS:

Weighted Voting
Advanced Ballot Customization
1 Reminder
Branded Ballot
Email Support
SMS Voting $29 add-on

Up to 1,000 Voters

All the features included for Up To 350 Voters, PLUS:

Voting Groups
Extra Notice Customization
3 Reminders
Two-Factor Authentication
Priority Email Support
SMS Notice Included

Up to 100,000+

All the features included for Up To 1000 Voters, PLUS:

Advanced Reporting
Mailed Notice
10 Reminders
Status Widget Support
Priority Plus Email Support
Mailed and Printed Ballots

Services for Any Plan

Regardless of the plan you choose, add these services on at anytime for peace of mind.

Setup Consultation

You’d like to do most of it yourself, but you’re up against tight deadlines. An ElectionBuddy Expert can review your election setup via email and an online meeting. They consult with you to review your requirements, provide guidance, and ensure that you have created the optimal election or meeting flow. You can add "on-call" email support for the duration of your meeting or election for extra peace of mind.

Expert Setup

If you’d rather we setup your election or meeting, your ElectionBuddy Expert will take care of setting up every detail of your vote. You provide the specifics, your voter list, and then review for final approval. You answer voter questions yourself with help from your Dedicated Expert who is a phonecall or email away. You have direct access to your Expert for any questions or issues that come up.

Setup and Voter Inquiries

If you need the full power of the ElectionBuddy Expert Services team, we’re here for you. You’ll be assigned an ElectionBuddy Expert who will manage your setup and interact with your voters which includes answering voter questions. We provide the expertise, technical assistance, and manpower you need to get decisions made with the highest possible election integrity and independence.

You've got questions, we've got answers.

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When and how do you pay?

Create your free account, test as much as you'd like, and then setup your election or vote — you only pay when you're ready to start voting. Payments are made by credit card or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express) via our secure payment processor, Stripe. This keeps our costs down, so we can pass the savings onto you! If you have multiple elections or meetings during a year and would like to start with an Annual Plan, contact us

What determines the price?

The features that you use along with your voter list size determine your cost. For example, if you have 200 voters, but need to use Advanced Notice Customization, your cost is $89.00. The number of questions on your ballot does not impact your pricing — capture votes for Board candidates and approve a budget, conveniently in one election, not 2.

Do you accept Purchase Orders (POs)?

If your payment is more than $5000.00, we accept POs and accept payment by ACH or Wire Transfer. Otherwise, all payments are made online with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express) via our secure payment processor, Stripe. This keeps our costs low, and we pass the savings to you!

Do you have Non profit, School or Charity discounts?

We have discounts based on your size and the number of elections you host. We also have significant discounts for K-12 student elections contact us.

I run several votes throughout the year. Does ElectionBuddy offer annual pricing?

We have annual plans that can save you substantial costs. ff you are running multiple elections in a year; contact us for more details.

How are elections and meeting votes different?

Elections have one or more positions or questions per ballot and allow voters to vote at their convenience. Election results for all the ballot items are presented together. Meeting votes are used to vote on motions or agenda items within a meeting and results are presented separately after each vote. The meeting vote price includes up to 50 votes per meeting, for more information contact us.

Do you pay separately for multiple items on an election ballot or multiple votes in a meeting?

No, the price for an election includes all the positions and questions on a ballot. For meeting votes, the price includes up to 50 votes per meeting per day.

We have 500 eligible voting members, but only 200 voted. What is the cost?

ElectionBuddy pricing is based on the number of voters who are eligible to vote (i.e. your total membership list) because notices are sent and bounce-backs are tracked for your full list. So, you would pay for the 500 who can vote.

Can ElectionBuddy independently oversee and attest my election?

Yes! The ElectionBuddy team offers various levels of consulting management and expert services for your on-site and remote elections; please see our Services page.

What level of support is included?

Email support is included for all paid elections. Email and phone support is included with our Dedicated Assistance and Fully Managed services. Please see our Services page for more details!

All the ElectionBuddy Features

Organizations across many industries use ElectionBuddy to host elections safely and securely.

Multiple Ways to Vote

Voters can vote remotely or during a meeting using their cellphone, computer, tablet or mail. Voting is completed using a simple, easy to use, tech-friendly ballot.

Customizable Ballots

Our customizable ballots allow for multiple vacancies, randomized candidate or question order, editing descriptions, highlighting amendments and striking out words. You can also add documents or website links.

Personalized Notice

Reach voters by email, mail, text message, or using your own website, e-newsletter or existing systems with a personalized election announcement for each voter.

Voter List Integration

Pull voter information from Gmail, Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, Microsoft Excel, member management systems and CRM applications.

Candidate Profiles

Help voters choose by including a biography, vision, campaign promises and contact information. Upload a candidate photo or link to a video too!

Multiple Languages

Notice text, candidate descriptions, options, buttons, verification are customizable to whatever language your voters vote in.

Voting Subgroups

Limit questions to a portion of your voters. For example, only Freshman vote for their class rep, while everyone votes for the school president

Write-Ins and Comments

Allow voters to add a new candidate to the ballot, or allow voters to provide feedback - great for budget approvals or referendums.

Weighted Votes

Allow some voters to get more votes than others. Great for condominium boards or regional representation or proxy voting.

Voter List Management

Receive automatic bounce notifications for invalid or changed emails. Easily view which voters have and haven’t voted.

Voter Reminders

Schedule emails or text messages to voters who haven't voted to increase voter turnout without extra work.

Voter Security

Personal voting keys are created and used only once. Require a 2nd password or confirm identity by phone. We use 256-bit encryption - the same as major banks.

Anonymous Voting

All voting choices are confidential and cannot be linked to the voter for elections. And results can be hidden until the election ends for further anonymity.

Independent Verification

A neutral third-party staffed by accountants ensures fairness and helps resolve election challenges. Also allows voter and independent review and recount.

Email Deliverability

DomainKeys and Sender Policy Framework ensure email notices reach each voter and are not marked as spam.

Election Audit

Voter Ballots and results are observable and auditable to verify votes are correctly cast and avoid election fraud.

Reports and Graphs

View winners and results in easy to read summaries, pie charts and bar graphs. Analyze the voter list and conduct a voter audit too.

Enterprise Features

Multiple election administrators with multi-department election management. Automated signup works great for mutli-chapter organizations.

Single Sign On

Voters can use their organizational username and password to access their ballot, which simplifies voter list management for administrators too!

Member Portal Integration

Encourage voting by adding a voting link and a voter engagement widget to your website. Publish access to voting results on your website too!

“ElectionBuddy's interface is very user friendly and intuitive. The assistance provided was excellent and our Board Elections were carried out flawlessly.”

Kathryn Romero, Assistant to the Board, IS Monaco
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