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Fairness and Independent Observability

Fairness and independent observability of an online election system is enhanced using technology. Proper audits start with proper security. ElectionBuddy uses 256 bit encryption used by banks and credit card companies, and follows stringent election security guidelines for election processes, such as the United States Department of Labor Office of Labor-Management Standards for elections. We also follow PCI standards for secure storage of information.

Another key election auditability factor is to allow independent observability of the entire election process, including whether settings have changed, whether the votes cast by voters are the same as when the election results are tallied and election winners calculated, and whether the vote uses standard election systems and voting methods, such as first past the postpreferential or Single Transferable Vote (STV).

Or if your vote requires a high level of independent scrutiny, ElectionBuddy offers Onsite Scrutineering Services where independent observers oversee the vote and tally the results of voters voting choices.

Vote audits are always conducted to protect voter anonymity; none should ever know the voting choices if you are conducting an independent election.

Learn more about how these processes work or learn about our election services.

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