Discover the secrets to great elections and meeting votes

If your interest in learning about voting in a internet world, here is the place to start. Gain valuable insights, explore best practices, see the latest trends and hear success stories from those who have transformed voting processes. Seize the opportunity to enhance your voting processes today!
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What You Will Learn?

Key Insights into Modern Voting

Gain a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of elections and meeting votes. Explore thought-provoking insights into the current trends, challenges and security issues for votes. It will shape your approach for your next vote!

Case Studies and Success Stories

Delve into real-world examples of organizations that have successfully transformed their elections and meeting votes. Explore the strategies they employed, challenges they overcame, and the positive impact on their voting processes.

Online Elections or Meeting Voting Guide

Receive a multi page handbook that provides comprehensive steps to ensure your vote is successful. This resource offers strategies on optimizing votes for better decision-making and increased participant engagement.

Expert Question and Answer Session

Need fast answers to your tough voting questions or just want to learn the basics? Access expertise with an election expert who has lead thousands of absentee ballots, on-site polls, convention votes and virtual meeting votes.

“ElectionBuddy is by far the easiest voting software to set up and use."

Elise B., Institutional Researcher for Academics
University of Dayton
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Meet Your Host

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Dave Bodnarchuk
President of ElectionBuddy
Dave has overseen thousands of votes and has significant experience with professional associations, homeowner associations, unions, universities, political parties, credit unions, golf clubs and K-12 school boards. As a designated accountant, he integrity and auditability are at his core, and he ensures that they are at the core of every ElectionBuddy vote. This, combined with his many hours of experience on member based boards using his pragmatic approach to board governance, you can “ask him anything” during the webinar, and he will have fast answers to your tough questions in a professional, yet friendly and fun manner.

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