Member and Board Elections for Cooperatives

Explore how cooperative structures uniquely shape elections, decision-making, and policy contributions, emphasizing equal voting rights and no veto power for a fully equitable business model. Learn about the foundational principles and bylaws guiding co-op member roles and board elections.

Cooperative Board Election Reviews

"I love that it does all the counting for you and you can easily document who has voted and who has won. It made it very easy to reach the required quorum."
Ronda B.
Property Manager
“Our organization members like that they remain anonymous when voting. We mostly appreciate the excellent customer service that we've received in the five elections.”
Kiki K.
Administrator of HOA
"When we need them they are there with AWESOME support and services, but we don't need them much. ElectionBuddy is simple and easy for us and our voters, and it just works."
Mary Z.
Community Manager
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Why Cooperative Board Election choose us

A simple solution for Cooperative Board Elections

At ElectionBuddy, we prioritize inclusivity, ensuring that every board member has an opportunity to cast their vote. Our platform facilitates high participation rates by sending out timely announcements and reminders, guaranteeing that every eligible member can exercise their voting rights.

Flexible Voting Methods for Bylaw or Rule Changes

Whether you're proposing a new rule or amending an existing bylaw, ElectionBuddy provides a versatile array of voting methods. Our software accommodates all major types of voting processes, allowing you to select the approach that aligns best with the specific needs of your building cooperative.

Diverse In-Person and Online Voting Options

ElectionBuddy caters to the preferences of your building cooperative by offering both in-person and online voting methods. If your organization favors traditional ballots, we can manage mail ballots or set up convenient voting kiosks. Alternatively, if your group leans towards online electronic voting, we have that covered as well.

Guaranteeing Anonymous Board Member Voting

Maintaining the integrity of the voting process often requires anonymity. With ElectionBuddy, you can trust that we prioritize the protection of all voter data and privacy, creating a secure and anonymous environment for casting votes in the selection of new board members.

“We made the perfect decision by choosing ElectionBuddy. We reached quorum the first day! Our voter participation exceeded 30% voter engagement, more than the past three elections combined!”

Kevin F., Treasurer, 
Cortina Homeowners Association
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Ballots that work for Homeowners Associations

Create perfectly designed accessible ballots. Below are samples used by HOAs like you:

Board Elections

Voters choose the number of candidates based on vacancies. The candidates with the most votes win.

Bylaw Amendments

Voters approve or reject a bylaw amendment by reviewing an attached document or summary.

Fee Approvals

Voters review and confirm an attached budget and provide comments.

Need help getting your block on board?

Whether you just need a little training, or you want us to take care of the entire voting process, let’s chat about what works for you so you can make amazing decisions, quicker.

Cooperative Associations

Cooperatives are controlled and managed by the participating members rather than a board of directors. Each member in the co-op works together to achieve their collective aims–whether based on social, community-based, or economic objectives.

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