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Election Preparation Tips

Administering an election can be a daunting task if it is your first time. To help you achieve a successful election, these tips provide a foundation to create the proper voter registration, easy election voting, and fast, verifiable results.

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Tips Sheet

Election Cost & Budget Planning

Many organizations are funded by members, and those dollars are hard to come by. It’s the duty of every organization to manage any costs associated with an election as carefully as possible. Learn more about how to budget for your election.

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Tips Sheet

Voting Legalities & Rules

If your organization is incorporated or registered, election requirements may be mandated. If these aren't followed, your election may be invalidated and your board or executive are accountable. So review the sheet for election legality considerations.

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Tips Sheet

Election Management Tips

Managing an election can be a daunting task if it is your first time. A smooth vote is directly proportional to your level of preparedness. The following tips can help you prepare for your upcoming vote.

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Tips Sheet

Roberts Rules for Meetings

Learn how to keep your meeting moving smooth by formalizing your meeting procedures. Review tips on document hierarchies and managing your agenda  using Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised. 

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Comprehensive eGuide To Easy Elections

Administering an election is a daunting task If it's your first time. The eGuide will help you simplify the process by sharing comprehensive collection of checklists, points, tips, and hints to help you complete your election effectively and efficiently. From voter budgets to voting results, this guide provides information for all steps.

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Comprehensive eGuide To Marvellous Meetings

Managing meetings requires careful preparation and planning. This eGuide has a number of key ideas, hints, tips, plans and checklists along with Robert's Rules summaries to help you manage your first meeting right the first time. From cost planning to meeting debrief, for virtual meetings or onsite meetings, this guide will help!

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Learn how to improve your vote

May 29, 2023
How to Calculate Voter Participation

Workplace elections are essential for decision-making processes. By holding these elections, employees can have a say in proposals or plans that may impact them. In addition, some elections are held to vote on issues like pay, workers’ rights, or organizational issues, such as how departments are run. This can strengthen your organization because employees will […]

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May 26, 2023
Does an Undervote Count?

Elections are fundamental aspects of democratic societies at the national and local levels. They enable citizens to choose representatives who will lead them and make decisions that affect their lives. Workplace elections are very important, as they enable employees to choose the leaders who will represent them in their dealings with management or give them […]

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May 24, 2023
Do Elections Get Audited?

As technology evolves, the way we do things shifts and changes, too. That includes our voting processes. With online hybrid voting increasing in popularity, along with other alternative methods of submitting ballots, many organizations enjoy the flexibility and efficiency of digital voting options. Yet, at the same time, many worry if these elections are secure […]

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Complimentary Election Management Resources

Elections require extensive planning, management, oversight, and implementation, so we provide a bank of free resources to ensure you get the best results from our innovative digital election software suites.
The above tip sheets are a great way to tick off tasks, project manage your voting processes from end to end, and ensure you have the correct systems in place to finalize outcomes, share them with your voter audience, and adhere to your organizational governance rules.
You'll find further resources and guidance through our official ElectionBuddy blog, where we publish regular guides and informative articles to help with your election preparation, including advice on how to boost voter participation and evidence credibility and transparency.

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