How to File for a Union Election

If your business is forming a union, you are likely wondering how hard it is to unionize.  It can be a time-consuming process that can take over a year before your union is fully-established and members notice the effects of unionization. In truth, the barriers that prevent unions from establishing are often put in place […]
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How Hard Is It to Unionize?

Media outlets are reporting that the United States is facing another ‘union boom,’ where unions are forming rapidly and workers are organizing for their rights. However, the reality is, the average time it takes for employers and new union workers to finalize their first collective bargaining agreement is 465 days. Additionally, there
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Carpenters’ Union Voting Guide

Joining a union for carpenters comes with some major advantages, including higher pay, better fringe benefits, and better working conditions. All of these would not be possible without union voting.  In most cases, any employee can form a union–even workers at a small business can unionize. Unions aren’t reserved for employees at
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Can Workers at a Small Business Unionize?

Who can and cannot start a union can feel like murky waters–the truth is, most professions will allow you to start a union. In fact, even the ones that don’t allow for unions are trying to change that as well (football players and reality TV cast members, for example). So, what professions cannot unionize? If […]
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Understanding Asian Olympic Games Results

COVID-19 hit more than just local industries–it also shut down the Asian Games, the biggest competition in Asia.  Now that things are back on track with the Hangzhou 2023 Asian Olympic Games coming soon, you might want to know whether your favorite athletes will get that gold, silver, or bronze medal! Factors Influencing Asian Olym
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Asian Olympic Medal Standings: From Japan’s Streak to China’s Rise

Most Asian countries, such as China, were absent from the Olympics for most of the 20th century–but they began contesting the stage in the 1980s, with China beginning its rise by taking part in its first Summer Olympics in 1984.  While the 1984 Olympic Games results took people by surprise, it was fifteen years before […]
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2023 Hangzhou Asian Olympic Games News

Voting for sports events committees is the best way to get the right people on board during organizational shifts. That’s what the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) did after the Asian Games 2023–originally scheduled for September 2022–were postponed last year.  The committee took just a month to resolve the issue and set a new dat
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Who Can Serve on a Cooperative Board?

A cooperative is a unique business structure owned and controlled by its members, who equitably share its benefits based on their participation. Due to the complexity and amount of decisions required for its smooth operation, it's impractical for all member-owners to make every decision. Hence, a democratically elected board of directors
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How Many Directors Are in a Cooperative?

Cooperatives work in a unique way that emphasizes democratic decision-making and ownership by its members. At the core of this unique structure is the board of directors, which is responsible for guiding the cooperative's path and making sure it stays true to its founding principles. The incorporation law usually mandates the number of th
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Cooperative Housing Society Election Process

Buying a home is a significant decision, and many people seek spaces that offer maximum benefits; this is why cooperative housing societies have become increasingly popular.  They offer affordable down payments, longer mortgage terms, and shared maintenance, repairs, utilities, and insurance costs. Living in a housing society means a
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Do Voting Results for a Condo Have to Be Posted?

Whether condo voting results should be posted or not depends on local laws and an association’s bylaws. That said, in most cases, voting results of a condo association board election are posted for all members to see. There are reasons why posting is a good idea, and there are ways it should be done to […]
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Can Investors Vote in Condo Elections?

Investing in a condominium is not just about owning property. It also involves a stake in the decision-making processes and governance of the homeowner association. Condo board elections are an essential aspect of condominium living. They are opportunities for unit owners to come together to shape their condo association's policies and ma
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Can a Condo Board Vote Via Email?

Condo communities are usually large property complexes that comprise multiple individual units. When it comes to condo association elections, the process needs to be executed carefully to ensure that it aligns with local laws and association guidelines.  One question that often comes up in this regard is whether members of condominiu
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What Percentage of People Vote in Community Elections?

The percentage of people who participate in community elections is low and continues to decline. According to a report published by the National Civic League, the highest voter percentage recorded is about 47% (in Bradenton, Florida), and in some places, the percentage is as low as 6%.  Unfortunately, low engagement levels often lead
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