Can Anyone Be an Academic Association Member?

In the world of academia, associations play a vital role. They are hubs where scholars, educators, and researchers convene to share knowledge, collaborate on research, and advance their field. Because of their importance, however, not anyone can be a member of these groups. Historical Context Historically, academic associations were exclu
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Can a Manager Be Part of a Trade Union?

Trade unions in the United States represent skilled workers, such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and welders. The goal of a union is to collectively bargain for better wages, working conditions, and benefits. However, only some workers are eligible to join a trade union.  To join a trade union, one generally needs to be alrea
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Elevating Trust: Updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Greetings, ElectionBuddy community! We're excited to share some important updates that reinforce our commitment to your privacy and security. Our updated Terms of Service, edited Privacy Policy and Data Processing Addendum are more than just legal jargon; along with our data processing addendum they're here to help our European Union (EU)
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Why Are Teachers Part of a Union?

Teachers started unionizing in the 1950s, and these unions have been a crucial part of the education sector ever since. Unions serve as a bargaining platform for educators, where they can put forth their demands for common problems, such as wages, working hours, and classroom sizes.  In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of thes
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When Did Teachers Start Unionizing?

Teachers' unions are bargaining units that convey the demands of educators to officials so they can address their needs to improve working conditions for them. Why are teachers part of a union? Before teachers unionized, regulations in the field were minimal. The development of teachers' unions created a transformative movement that empow
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What Union Do Police Officers Belong To?

The role of law enforcement in society is undeniably crucial, and the unions representing these officials play a pivotal role in shaping their rights, benefits, and working conditions.  In this article, we’ll explore the world of police unions, discussing which union police officers generally belong to, what these unions do, and th
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What Professions Cannot Unionize?

Unionization refers to coming together for empowerment and progress. In work culture, it typically refers to a body (usually known as a ‘labor union’) where workers from the same industry organize to collectively negotiate with their employers for better working conditions, wages, benefits, and other employment-related matters. Recent
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What Is the Union Rule of Representation?

Picture this: you’re at work and are handed a card that you’re asked to sign. All you know is that it has to do with a union, but what does signing a union card mean? This card is how you support the union at your workplace. It’s granting the organization consent to represent you in […]
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What Does Signing a Union Card Mean?

When you sign a union card at work, you’re agreeing to become a member of a union, to abide by its rules, and to allow the organization to represent you in negotiations with your employer. You’re also agreeing to pay union membership dues.  In return, you gain voting rights for in-person and online union elections, […]
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What Are Union Election Petitions?

Labor unions play a crucial role in many workplaces and the benefits they bring should not be discounted. When your coworkers are looking to join an existing union or to form their own, there are many things to consider, such as an online union voting system, how representation works, and what the process of becoming […]
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What Are the Effects of Unionization?

Perhaps your colleagues are discussing unionizing and looking for ways to file for a union election, or maybe you’re hearing about petitions and support cards, but you aren’t sure what establishing a union means or what it can do for employees.  Starting and maintaining an active, engaged union is easier now than ever before. Wit
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Union Voting Election Rules

As a union member, you may be wondering what the union rule of representation is. This rule states that unions must represent employees fairly, without discrimination, and in good faith. That includes allowing members to vote on certain issues, but there are rules that must be followed. Understanding how labor union elections work will he
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Police Federation Election Guidelines: All You Need to Know

Elections play an essential role in maintaining integrity and democracy within all organizations, ensuring that leaders are elected through a transparent and fair process. Elections within the police federations are no different.  With the responsibility of representing the interests of police staff across the country, the police’s
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Plumbers’ Union Election Process

Union voting is essential to making sure everyone at your company is on board with how your representative bargains for the group of employees. It’s also important to determine who will represent you.  This is especially true for plumbers’ unions that represent other workers in addition to plumbers, such as pipefitters. The elect
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