Feature Focus: Plurality Voting

ElectionBuddy offers three voting methods for your elections. This Feature Focus looks at Plurality Voting (also known as First Past The Post) What is Plurality Voting? A simple vote counting algorithm in which voters select 1 or more candidates for each position. The number of candidates for each position that voters can select is config
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Feature Focus: Running a Referendum

Whether it’s tackling a question on to an existing election, or letting the referendum standing on it’s own, online referendums are a useful for a variety of reasons. They are typically used to pass motions, or approve budgets and funding allocation. But they don’t always have to be binding either, and can be merely for […]
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The Importance of Right to Vote

I remember the first time I got to vote in a serious election. I was in my first year of college, and Canada was gearing up to elect a new Prime Minister or go with the incumbent. Sure I voted for NHL All-Star Teams in the past, and less impactful votes. But the All-Star thing […]
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Tips & Tricks: Single Transferable Vote

STV is a voting system that’s based on voters using the Preferential Voting method to vote, with the results being tallied using proportional representation. And it seems to have gained a strong following because it ensures that every vote counts, to ensure a better level of democracy.  It’s gained popularity in Europe, wher
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Tips & Tricks: Voting For Your Favorite…

ElectionBuddy is primarily used for online elections that have positions and the candidates running for those positions.  However, There are plenty of interesting uses that you might not necessarily think of when you set up an account with ElectionBuddy, especially during the summer when fun should be had by all! Here are s
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Feature Focus: Announcement and Nominations

Sometimes holding an election to find out election nominees is just as useful as the election itself. A successful election is only as good as the crop of candidates voters can choose from. That’s why we offer the ability to organize announcement elections and let eligible voters nominate their candidates. Announcements will automatical
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Milestone achieved: ElectionBuddy completes 1000 online elections

You know it’s going to be a good day when you pass a milestone like this before even having coffee. has now hosted over 1000 elections, with well over 130,000 votes cast! What a treat to wake up to! How did this happen? Well, a few reasons… A shift to the online game Over recent […]
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Tips & Tricks: Why You Should Use Online Elections

The Internet is a wonderful thing isn’t it? You can shop, socialize, book flights and vacations, bank, and conduct business – all from the comfort of your couch (and more often than not, from your Email’s Inbox). And in recent years, the number of elections and polls held online have risen. Heck, even Canada’s federal […]
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Milestone achieved: Web based election voting hits the 100K votes cast

Wow! We’ve hit an milestone – 100,000 votes cast in over 800 online elections. Thank you for all the electronic election love you’ve shown us. The ElectionBuddy community is one of the most organized and efficient online communities out there. They embrace easy and secure online voting software and e-voting electio
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