Online Ballot Counting

February 15, 2024

Online ballot counting offers several advantages over traditional voting methods. It’s faster, instantly auditable, and guarantees impartiality. This is because computers typically don’t make mistakes, and when they do, the digital paper trail means that exactly what happened is readily apparent. 

ElectionBuddy has a large selection of online voting election resources to help organizations determine which types of votes can be conducted online. First, however, it’s important to understand online ballot counting and security. 

Quick Counts and Audits for Low-Cost Election

Online voting has a distinct advantage when it comes to elections because everything is digital. There are no paper ballots to misprint, misread, or lose in the mail. Each and every vote is recorded in the system instantaneously. 

Without reams of paper and a chain of custody passing through several hands, election costs are greatly reduced. Electronic ballots are delivered securely, so there is no need to hire a large staff to accommodate an election. A few monitors is more than sufficient. 

Furthermore, error rates are minimized. Audits and recounts with paper ballots can often take several times longer than it took people to vote. While recounts with online election systems happen all the time, they are accomplished instantly rather than days or weeks later. Irregularities can also be noted faster so that problem ballots can be identified.

Electronic voting reliability has only continued to grow as more organizations have realized the cost savings available through online voting. The more users that utilize these systems, the more feedback developers receive and the more improvements that can be made. In a way, each online election is more secure than the last.

With the speed of online elections, organizations can make faster decisions. For example, many scientific and research organizations rely on member voting to decide how limited funds are spent. Budgets may be on hold until elections are finished, so an online count means results can be finalized faster and budgets released more quickly.

Impartiality for Trustworthy Results

Those at the top of a pyramid have a clear incentive to stay there. Their role as board members or as overseers of elections can mean they may be biased towards certain results. This can also be unintentional, as a person at the top simply believes they have a mandate from the public to do as they wish. 

Computers have no such biases. Even if organizations can set their own rules and guidelines for how elections are conducted, the process itself is out of their hands. Voters all receive the same ballots, and the same candidate profiles are available to everyone. 

Finally, each voter receives an encrypted receipt showing exactly how they voted and how it was counted. These receipts serve as proof that the vote took place and can be used as proof should there be any doubt. Because the receipts are not labeled with the voters names, they remain anonymous and prevent biased actors from tampering with votes. 

When voters understand there are no ulterior motives at play when the votes are tallied, it can increase voter trust in the outcome. Remaining skepticism can be overcome through online election transparency. This is accomplished through third party audits and independent verification of election results. Once voters see the advantages inherent in the system, they’re more likely to embrace it. 

Outside Help 

ElectionBuddy has been administering online elections for over a decade. With each passing year, the systems become more and more secure. Emerging cyber threats are a concern for many organizations and governments, and great strides have been made in mitigating them. 

ElectionBuddy utilizes 256-bit encryption algorithms–the same as the world's leading financial institutions. All ballots and votes are registered in the system at every step of the way, providing unmatched transparency to enhance organizational and voter trust. 

With each election conducted, user and administrator feedback helps to improve the ElectionBuddy experience. As ElectionBuddy incorporates this feedback into iterative generations, the voting system evolves to be more efficient and user friendly. 

Counting on the Future

Online voting is one of the most efficient and secure ways elections can be conducted, but it only works if the ballots are counted in a quick, secure manner. Check out ElectionBuddy’s offerings today and see how we can help you make sure your future elections are swift and safe!

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