Feature Updates!

April 4, 2024

Greetings, Electionbuddy Community!

We're thrilled to unveil two fantastic enhancements. Without further ado, let's dive into the exciting updates:

1. Voting Groups: Ballot Previews

Ever wished to see exactly how your ballot will appear for a specific group of voters? With our new "Voting Groups Preview" feature, you can now preview the ballot exactly as it will appear to a designated voting group. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision in your election process!

2. Nominations: Voter-Driven Candidate Descriptions

Nominators now have the ability to add candidate biographies, photos, and PDFs of the nominees themselves.

This allows nominators to provide additional details, such as candidate achievements, platforms, or personal statements, directly on the nomination form.

2. Ballot Wizard: Duplicate Question

If you have a question within your current election that you want to repeat, or you have one from a prior vote that you want to duplicate, or your voters have added nominations and you want to use them in a ballot, it's now WAY easier to do. Just select it in the ballot wizard! Its fast, easy, so try it yourself.

Ready to elevate your election process? Try out our latest features today and experience the difference for yourself!

Happy Voting!

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