Trade Organization Member Voting System and Elections

Whether you're a Union Organizer, a Member of a Trade Union, a Steward, or involved in any aspect of trade union management, our voting platform offers the versatility and robustness needed to facilitate various types of voting. Withelection ElectionBuddy, you can make impactful election decisions swiftly and effectively.

Trade Union Reviews

"We've received positive feedback from our members (voters) about how "easy" it was for them to vote. Our members especially highlighted being able to receive their ballot by SMS text, as many of them work in the field"
Joanne C.
SEIU Local 1021
"There is so much you can do to customize your election. It is great for everything from a small election to convention-style live voting with many delegates voting with different levels of vote strength."
Ethan M.
DC Labor
"ElectionBuddy was super easy to use and create new votes as needed, and the results can be displayed right from the console to the meeting. I would highly recommend it for conducting any type of voting."
Scott J.
Newfoundland & Labrador Teachers' Association
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Why Trade Unions choose us

Boost Engagement while Reducing Costs

With multiple notice types, electronic reminders, and remote and on-site strategies for capturing votes, ElectionBuddy ensures you achieve the best turnout possible, streamlining your trade union's election processes.

Diverse Voting Methods: Online, Paper, and Mobile

Catering to the preferences of your union members, ElectionBuddy offers a flexible ballot solution that accommodates online, paper, or mobile voting methods, all within a convenient electronic platform designed to meet your union's specific needs.

User-Friendly Voting for All Trade Union Members

ElectionBuddy is designed to be user-friendly for all union members, including those who may not be as tech-savvy. Whether they want straightforward voting from the comfort of their homes or vote in person at a union office after chatting with staff, our platform caters to every member's convenience.

Ensures High-Integrity Trade Union Elections

Trade union members value the security of their personal information and the anonymity of their voting choices. ElectionBuddy's voting software for trade unions ensures high integrity and secure elections, regardless of the size or complexity of the voting process.

“Your experience is evident and your team was with us every step of the way. Thanks for all the calm work in a high-pressure situation. ElectionBuddy's ability to handle weighted votes for Roll-Call votes is fantastic!”

Chris G., Director,
DC Labor Council AFL-CIO
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Ballots that work for Trade Unions

To meet your regulatory needs, create perfectly designed, secure, accessible, auditable ballots. Below are samples used by unions like you:

Executive Officer Elections

Voters select 1 candidate and the candidate with the most votes wins. This is known as Plurality Voting.

Contract Ratification

Voters choose to either approve or reject the contract by reviewing the proposal.

Meeting Resolution

Voters vote for or against a resolution during a meeting or on the ballot of a remote election.

Holding a Trade Organization Election

With the broad reach of labor unions, many employers find employees tempted to form a union. Unions come with their own unique set of advantages and drawbacks, and establishing a union can be time-consuming.
Many organizations have found that establishing a ‘generic plan of preparedness' allows their employees to feel heard while cutting out the middleman. A generic plan of preparedness is a generalized strategy that encourages positive employee relationships and generates positive changes in your workplace.
At the crux of every successful generic plan of preparedness is a way for employees to have their voices be heard. Democratic practices, such as surveys and voting meetings, can result in much needed change that benefits both parties. You can use an online voting and election system to unify your workplace.

Need help unifying your members?

Whether you just need a little training, or you want us to take care of the entire voting process, let’s chat about what works for you so you can make amazing decisions with more engagement.

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