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Physician and medical associations dedicated to advancing medical practice and ensuring health equity are typically governed by a board with voting members or a House of Delegates. For enhanced member participation, improved election turnout, or electronic voting services, ElectionBuddy provides the ability to allow for fast online decision-making capabilities.

Medical Associations Reviews

"The software was easy to navigate and the voting list was easy to fill on the fly."
Troy B.
Washington State Medical Association
"ElectionBuddy staff put in the time and effort to make our vote a success."
Peter G.
SERVICES Australian Medical Association
"Professional, reliable, and quick to accomodate. I'd reccommned their service to anyone."
Michael C.
Transplant Financial Coordinator Association
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Why Medical Associations choose us

Reach any Medical Professionals Anywhere

Promote widespread member participation using email, text message and mailed notices, or send voting notices from your systems or integrate them into your membership portal too!

Confidential and Secure Voting Procedures

The critical need for security and confidentiality in Medical Association elections requires anonymous voting, ElectionBuddy prioritizes high-integrity and secure voting processes using encryption, voter and administrator audit trails and hash key algorithms.

Voting Convenience for Healthcare Professionals

ElectionBuddy ensures a hassle-free online voting experience using an iPhone, android phone, tablet, computer, or paper to address the diverse preferences of your medical professionals.

Dynamic Decision-Making for Medical Leadership

Simplify the coordination process for your Medical Association events, no matter the size or complexity, with ConferenceEase. Our platform ensures a hassle-free online event experience, seamlessly integrating videoconferencing and facilitating widespread member participation.

“Your experience is evident and your team was with us every step of the way. Thanks for all the calm work in a high-pressure situation. ElectionBuddy's ability to handle weighted votes for Roll-Call votes is fantastic!”

Chris G., Director,
DC Labor Council AFL-CIO
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Ballots that work for Medical Associations

To meet your regulatory needs, create perfectly designed, secure, accessible, auditable ballots. Below are samples used by unions like you:

Executive Officer Elections

Voters select 1 candidate and the candidate with the most votes wins. This is known as Plurality Voting.

Contract Ratification

Voters choose to either approve or reject the contract by reviewing the proposal.

Meeting Resolution

Voters vote for or against a resolution during a meeting or on the ballot of an online election.

Medical Association Voting

Physician and medical associations are a type of organization that typically aims to promote the practice of medicine, protect public health, improve upon the medical profession, and ensure health equity. These associations are usually run by a house of delegates or a board, with voting members. Usually, all members and governing bodies within a doctors' alliance are professionals in the field of medicine.
Whether you’re searching for ways to increase member participation, improve your elections turnout, or invest in electronic voting services, ElectionBuddy has the digital infrastructure and expertise to help.

Need help unifying your members?

Whether you just need a little training, or you want us to take care of the entire online voting process, let’s chat about what works for you so you can make amazing decisions with more engagement.

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