ElectionBuddy Election Customization

ElectionBuddy allows you to completely customize it’s online voting program to handle any kind of election

Customizable Details

Choose the election title, add your own graphics and ensure that your voters can ask questions to your election administrator. You can also tailor the election start time so voting can start when it’s convenient for voters to vote or to meet your election bylaws. You can also end your election to ensure the voting window meets your voting requirements. Election Buddy is also configurable to ensure high election integrity and voter anonymity ensuring that neither voters nor administrators can link voting choices to the voters themselves.

Ballot Customization

Add information and instructions, and link to your own website. ElectionBuddy has a full featured text editor to ensure that voter understand how to use the ballot to vote in their election, whether you utilize a remote, online voting person or allow voter to vote in person using their own devices during annual general meeting voting. Ballots can be configured to multiple voting systems and a ballot wizard helps you choose the right voting method for election type or any ballot type, whether your voters vote to choose executive officersmultiple candidates for a position, Voters can vote in a referendum, vote on the most valuable player or whether prospective members should be allowed to join your organization. You can even use ElectionBuddy for candidate nominations or acclamations.

Process Customization

You can configure ElectionBuddy to allow multiple languages. You can allow certain positions or questions to be voted on by a subset of your eligible voter list using voter groups. And the voter list is customizable to ensure that voters are reached and allowed to vote using a variety of voting methods, including phone, mail, email and even paper ballots deposited into a traditional ballot box. Every button for the voting process can be customized to meet your own processes. And even prior to the ballot, all election notices can be customized too and you can choose how voters are notified! And after the voter has voted, the voter confirmation is editable and allows for instant vote verification.

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