The Wonderful Wizard of Ballots

June 20, 2023

Another update? You may roll your eyes when you hear this but in our world, these words are music to our ears! We’re constantly seeking to enhance and optimize the user experience for our voters and election administrators. This is why we’re so excited to announce two new updates on our platform:

Ballot Wizard - setup streamlined

We saw that you wanted to spend less time setting up, especially if you are completing the setup at the last minute. So we have made setting up your next election a breeze with our redesign of the ballot wizard. We’ve added the common positions, motion types and motion options so you can search and add them with one click. Want to create a sample for testing? It’s done with a few clicks.  Our goal was to make setup faster, so you can get to your goal of running your vote.

Multiple Reminders - seamless and simple

We all need gentle reminders, don’t we? When you have an upcoming election, sending reminders to voters is an effective way to increase voter turnout. It also increases awareness about the election, including candidate information, voting locations, and relevant changes or updates. It’s a win-win for both election administrators and voters!. 

Fortunately we’ve had reminders for a while, but we wanted to make it easier to remind your voters. So we’ve made improvements on the reminder functionality and efficiency if you’re planning to send eligible voters multiple reminders. You can duplicate a reminder with a single click, which, and copies content from previous reminders

Even more time saved

The ballot wizard update and the reminder update will save you significant time and effort for your next election. As a bonus, when you use them, you will now receive the title of “electionbuddy wizard” and your voters will love you even more! Let us know about how you get on, and you will become our best buddy too.  Now go ahead and give it a try will ya!

Register for your own ElectionBuddy account and set up a free vote! In the meantime, stay tuned and continue to watch our blog for more new features.

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