Announcing The BestBuddy Award

May 3, 2023

At ElectionBuddy, we are super grateful for all those that assist us in our core purpose of "Accessible Democracy Around the World". So whenever we see someone who helps move this forward, we like to say thanks. To that end, we have started the "Best Buddy Award"

Why BestBuddy

Because it aligns with our ElectionBuddy core values that help drive our team to our core purpose

  • Help First
  • Be Curious
  • Do It Well
  • Roll With It
  • Enjoy the Journey

We thought a great way to enjoy the journey is to celebrate and give recognition to special individuals who help with ideas (help first), deliver on voting (do it well) in our ever changing voting world (roll with it). And we will then make new Best Buddies.

What is a BestBuddy

A BestBuddy is someone who is a voting champion. Who goes above and beyond in making an election or a vote just right. It might be a tireless voting administrator that you know, a volunteer in your organization who steps up to count ballots without being asked, a collogue who has a clever idea about how to make your voting process run smoothly or a member who manages to keep a smile on their face and put one on yours even when they are surrounded by a mound of paper ballots and member questions. It can be from your organization, or another, we don't care. It's a big voting world and we know there are a large number of people who make it better. And we want to say thanks to those who do!

To nominate a BestBuddy

Just reach out by emailing support at electionbuddy dot com or click on buddy in the lower right corner with their name, their email, their organization and role, and a few sentences as to what makes them a BestBuddy and we will reach out to them with a hearty thank you and an ElectionBuddy gift, and mention you for nominating them (and you might even get a gift too!). We have some great ElectionBuddy Merchandise that we will share with our new BestBuddies!

Thanks in Advance!

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