Hybrid Voting System Advantages: Is It Worth It?

Hybrid voting is a good option for organizations that are looking to move away from paper-based ballots, but can't completely digitize their election process just yet. This can be due to a variety of reasons.  For example, you might not have enough technological expertise to completely revamp your election process or you might want t
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Implementation Of Hybrid Voting Methods: What You Need To Know

Many companies, universities, and organizations are now trying to implement online voting systems for when voting on important matters. However, transitioning abruptly to an online voting system might leave your organization’s members confused about the voting process. This is where hybrid voting comes in. Hybrid voting is where you all
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What Is Hybrid Voting?

Many organizations are looking to move towards online voting. If you're working as a part of one that is, you might be worried about how your colleagues will react to the idea of moving your voting fully online. Some of them might not be tech-savvy and may find it difficult to cast their votes online. […]
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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Voting Systems

Many companies now offer online voting systems for organizations to streamline their elections. And it doesn’t end there!  You could be electing a new class president, choosing the next CEO for your company, or voting on a crucial company decision. An online voting system like we provide is an excellent way to save time and [&helli
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How To Improve Election Security In Your Organization

Online elections have advantages and disadvantages, with one of the main concerns being election security.  Additionally, online elections can save your company a great deal of time and money. However, some members of your organization might question their integrity. This blog post will discuss some ideas to help you improve election sec
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How To Implement An Online Voting System

Whether you're looking to select your college president or the next Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your company, implementing an online voting system can save your organization considerable time and money. Online voting systems (like the one we offer) have grown highly sophisticated over the last few years. They now allow for various ki
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How Do Nonprofits Select Board Members?

Board members are a critical aspect of a nonprofit’s success. Because board members often provide their time for free, they donate their expertise at no cost. A nonprofit organization gets all of the benefits of a person’s in-depth knowledge without the financial impact.  However, this doesn’t mean just anyone should be allowed
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What Are Voting Members Of A Nonprofit?

Setting up and running a non-profit organization is tough. Just because it is not established with the sole purpose of making profits does not reduce the effort needed to run it. One of the more time-consuming processes for any business, even a nonprofit, is selecting board members. Unfortunately, it’s currently illegal to run an incorp
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Can You Have A Nonprofit Without A Board Of Directors?

Nonprofit organizations still need to run efficiently, despite not being in business to make money. While they are motivated to achieve other things than just sheer profitability, there still needs to be effective corporate governance in place to ensure that it operates effectively and lawfully.  There are many ways that nonprofits c
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When Can A Motion Be Withdrawn?

If you are a member of a deliberative assembly, then you’ve probably been in a gathering where a member who moved a motion became disappointed by how the debate was going and therefore decided to withdraw the motion. Many people seem to believe that when this happens, the motion ceases to exist. But that’s not […]
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What Are The Five Steps In Presenting A Motion?

All deliberative assemblies around the world conduct their businesses using motions. The process of making, amending, voting on, and approving motions is guided by a parliamentary procedure that has been agreed on by the members. These rules must be followed when making or amending a motion, prior to the motion vote. This article talks ab
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The Process of Amending a Motion

When the parliament is transacting its business, it must be guided by a set of rules and procedures. This is commonly referred to as the parliamentary procedure or rules of order. They are generally accepted procedures, practices, and precedents employed to guide deliberative gatherings like parliaments. One of the most common procedures
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Which Countries Use Single Transferable Voting?

As democracies around the world continue to develop, electoral reforms have become necessary. That’s why many companies, non-profit organizations, and governments are adopting the single transferable vote (STV) system. This is a voting system that allows voters to elect multiple candidates for various positions using a single ballot. Th
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Proportional Representation By Single Transferable Vote

The single transferable vote (STV) system is a voting system that uses a ranked preferential method of voting to choose the best candidates for multiple vacancies. It is a system of proportional representation that allows votes to be transferred to alternative candidates where the winning candidates surpass the quota or the least preferre
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