How Is an Abstain Vote Counted?

Online union voting is a democratic process in which workers vote for the representatives who will bargain on their behalf. These reps are incredibly important because they give workers a say in how their workplace is run. Unions play an important role in protecting workers' rights and ensuring that they're treated fairly. Sometimes, thou
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What Happens When a Union Strikes?

Operations come to a halt during union strikes. If the strike lasts more than three days, it may cause serious social or financial damage to the involved parties. Below, we've shared details of what this social and financial damage could look like and how unions can avoid it–read on to learn more about what happens […]
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What Is a Strike Authorization Vote?

More than fourteen million Americans are members of a union of some sort, ranging from education, transportation, and government to healthcare, construction, and more.  A union presents a collective to advocate for workers’ rights and allows them to pull together and negotiate for their contract needs. For instance, labor unions he
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What Are Secret Ballot Elections for Unions?

A ‘secret ballot’ is a voting method used for elections in which the voter’s identity remains anonymous to allow for political policy. This anonymity is to protect voters from any means of unfair voter influencing, threats, blackmail, scare tactics, or external attempts of bribery or coercion.  There are many different ways of
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How Do Union Votes Work?

A union is an organization that serves as an exclusive representative for a group of employees to bargain for wages, hours, benefits, health and safety, working conditions, and more. For a union to become your exclusive representative, a majority of the employees must vote to unionize or form a union.  The purpose of a union [&hellip
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What Does A Board Member Do?

Do a deep dive into any organization, and you will inevitably come across a board of directors. While responsibilities may vary from one organization to the next, a board is generally responsible for the strategic oversight and success of a business or association. The number of individuals that comprise a board depends on the organizatio
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Private Member Associations 

The chances that you have interacted and engaged in some shape or form with a Private Member Association are high. While you might not be familiar with the term, let's take a moment to point out a few associations you might have been part of. Are you a member of a gym or a country […]
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Board of Directors Best Practices

The mission behind most boards of directors is to act in its members' best interests, help its organization thrive, and stick to its purpose, vision, and goals. The scope and the responsibilities of the board members vary depending on the size of the board, the number of members that make up an organization, if it […]
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How Board Members Are Nominated

Whether the Board of Directors of your organization is planning a succession, looking to make structural changes, or you are establishing a board for the first time, you will need a board nominations committee. Board nominating committees are responsible for nominating board members. Their roles include evaluating current policies and rol
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Board Nominating Committee Process

Whether your organization is actively developing a board nomination process, or you’re looking to improve on current methods, it is important to understand a board member nomination process. A board nominating committee is typically a select group of directors or members that are tasked with selecting nominees for upcoming board member
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Board Member Nomination Process

You could be starting to unionize at your workplace, you could be peeking into your local Homeowners’ Association, or you could be looking to teach the power of democracy to students at your K-12 school. Elections, no matter in what organization or structure, are empowering. Many could say the democratic process is even sacred, which [&
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Voting for Ratification Clause in Contract

Contracts are created to set agreeable terms among different entities, so it is intuitive that contracts be agreed upon by the relevant parties before they are adopted. However, if a contract is meant to define terms of agreement among a large number of people, it may be difficult to ensure that all parties have had […]
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Hotel Union Contract Ratification Votes

For hotel workers out there, understanding the union contract ratification vote can be a challenge. Simply Googling “contract ratification rules” won’t tell you everything you need to know. But don’t worry–in this guide, you’ll find the basics of a hotel union contract, the mechanism and importance of ratification votes, and t
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Does a Ratification Contract Require Good Faith?

A contract ensures stable and productive relationships among entities by defining the terms of agreement among them. To ensure that contracts function properly, it is important that they are approved by all. To do so, contracts between parties such as employers and employees are created after bargaining between both parties, and it is exp
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