Entertainment Industry Elections

The entertainment industry is filled with recognizable names. However, few people realize that even the most powerful stars are union members. Multi-millionaire entertainers may not require representation, but those further down the ladder benefit greatly from union membership, and a superstar's role in the union can help amplify the voic
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Increasing Voter Turnout in Scientific Associations

Increasing voter turnout in scientific associations is best accomplished through member education and engagement. Helping association members understand the power of their vote and moving elections online also helps increase turnout.  Scientific association elections are becoming increasingly important at a time when critical thinkin
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Importance of Elections in Scientific Organizations

Elections in scientific organizations are important for three primary reasons. They drive innovation, ensure diverse representation of views, and maintain accountability for the actions of the organization.  Scientific association voting is critical for associations that want to be seen as legitimate. Board and committee members of a
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Building Trust Through Transparent Scientific Association Voting

Science is under more pressure than ever to be seen as trustworthy. A key way to build trust is through transparent scientific association voting. This is accomplished by educating members about the process, creating transparent procedures, and using secure technologies. Because of the power wielded by different associations, democratic v
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Partner Voting on Mergers in Law Firms

Mergers can present opportunities for law firms to expand their reach, incorporate new specialties, and grow their client bases. Establishing the process for law firm elections, including thresholds for a merger to proceed and the weighting allocated to each partner's vote, is crucial for transparency and integrity. The best practice for
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Law Firm Partner Voting

Law firms ask partners to submit votes for several reasons, from equity partner promotions to mergers and practice acquisitions. Ensuring law firm partner elections and other ballots are secure, structured, and transparent is essential. The key to encouraging full participation from partners and shareholders is convenience and clarity, pr
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Law Firm Managing Partner Election Process

Law firm partner voting is a key element of appointing a managing partner – the successful partner is normally chosen during a formal election and serves a fixed term in this board position. The correct process will depend on the firm, its internal policies, and the ownership structure. In most cases, candidates must be nominated [&hell
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Online Election Transparency

Online election transparency is critical to its success as a viable method of secure voting. Transparency can be accomplished through several avenues, such as independent auditing, publicly-accessible election procedures, and voter verifiability.  Thankfully, ElectionBuddy has a plethora of online voting system resources to help orga
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Online Ballot Counting

Online ballot counting offers several advantages over traditional voting methods. It’s faster, instantly auditable, and guarantees impartiality. This is because computers typically don’t make mistakes, and when they do, the digital paper trail means that exactly what happened is readily apparent.  ElectionBuddy has a large select
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Electronic Voting Reliability

Electronic voting reliability can be accomplished through transparency, anonymity, and redundancy. By ensuring all three of these principles are followed, electronic voting can be more reliable and secure than in-person voting. ElectionBuddy has a host of election resources for organizations of all kinds to help guide them through proper
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Transparent Golf Club Operations

Even the most high-demand golf clubs with long waiting lists rely on their members to succeed, ensuring members are engaged and feel valued, respected, and integral to the culture. One of the best ways to improve transparency is to ensure communications are clear, providing members with reporting and opportunities to have their say, witho
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Membership Input in Country Club Decision

Requesting input from members when holding country club elections can be key to success, ensuring customers and owners communicate their preferences, share suggestions, and actively participate in the growth of a private membership club. One of the best ways to access membership input, particularly when deciding how to address specific is
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Effective Financial Governance Country Club

Country club financial governance covers a wide area. Still, it sets out the policies and processes by which a private members club collects income, makes spending decisions, tracks transactions and outgoings, and reports on financial expenditure and reserves to its membership. Well-established governance rules improve member confidence a
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Election Certification Inspector

Election certification inspectors are the eyes of an election, a critical part to ensuring a safe, secure, and fair voting process. Election certification inspectors are individuals designated to administer, observe, and oversee elections to assure voters that established rules and regulations are followed.  In this digital day and a
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