Accessibility in Online Ballot Design

June 10, 2024

Online voting is extremely convenient, but the digital divide can make it intimidating to some voters. Many don’t understand the role of encryption in online voting, and struggle to understand how their ballots are secure.

However, it’s possible to make your online election ballots both secure and accessible. With ElectionBuddy, you can design your online ballots to include multiple languages, offer multiple ways to vote, give your voters advanced notice, and customize ballots.

Whether your voters require special accommodations due to a disability or simply need help navigating a digital voting platform, ElectionBuddy’s experts can help design the perfect ballot for your vote.

Common Barriers in Ballot Design

Both in-person and online ballots face accessibility issues, and both types of ballots have the potential to be confusing to voters, or straightforward and intuitive to use. Online voting removes several barriers that stop voters from participating in votes, such as distance and time.

However, not every voter is familiar with using an online platform. If your organization is transitioning to online voting for the first time, there are steps you can take with ElectionBuddy to make the transition smoother.

Some other issues you may come across include:

  • Language barriers
  • Lack of access to stable internet
  • One-size-fits-all ballots

ElectionBuddy’s platform and expert insights allows elections administrators to customize ballots and prepare for elections to remove these barriers.

Making Your Ballots More Accessible

ElectionBuddy does more than show you how to create secure online ballots. With your assigned election expert from ElectionBuddy, you can prepare your ballot and your voters for a seamless election.

Give Advanced Notice

Alert your voters about the upcoming vote well in advance. Ask in advance if voters would like to request any special accommodations‒they should always have the option to privately request accessible features with the vote’s administrator.

When voters have ample notice, they have more time to communicate their needs with the administrator before the day of the vote. The administrator can then make necessary adjustments to the ballots.

This also gives the administrator time to help voters navigate the online platform. If some voters require additional time to familiarize themselves with the platform, they can do so without compromising their vote. The administrator will have time to troubleshoot issues with voters.

Multiple Ways to Vote

ElectionBuddy’s online platform allows voters to vote online through multiple avenues. This means they are not required to submit votes through one particular device‒they can vote anywhere from their mobile device, tablet, or computer! 

Having multiple options can help for the visually impaired or voters who struggle with fine motor skills. They can choose which device is easier for them. Remind voters that they need to be in a place with a stable internet connection to ensure their vote has been submitted.

Personalize Notices

As the election draws near, you can remind voters with personalized notices. You can reach your voters using email, mail, SMS, or through your organization’s website and newsletter. ElectionBuddy also includes a system that allows you to create personalized election announcements for each voter.

Use Multiple Languages

If your organization is multilingual or your vote is aimed towards a demographic where English is not their native language, ElectionBuddy has support. Even if your election administrator does not speak the language of your voters, our platform allows you to translate ballots and election information into the language of your voters’ choice.

Customize Ballots

For voters with visual impairments, varying levels of literacy, or neurodevelopmental disorders, you can customize ballots to be both eye-catching and easy to understand. Ballots can include images, vibrant descriptions, links, and more. These ballots show you care about hearing everyone’s voice and are committed to inclusivity.

Make Your Election Accessible With ElectionBuddy

Making online ballots accessible is easy with ElectionBuddy. Our all-in-one platform allows you to provide ample notice to voters, adjust for necessary accommodations, and tailor your online ballots to include all voices in your organization.

Contact us today to see how we can streamline your secure, accessible elections!

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