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In-Person voting: One voting solution to gather in-person voters onsite

Fully Encrypted
Bank Grade Security
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Voters Cast their Ballot In-person or Onsite

Vote from any Phone or Tablet

Voters use their own devices for a wide variety of in person votes, so they feel at ease and can vote during long meetings. And it saves you voting device rental fees too!

Vote at a Kiosk or Polling Station

All voters attending your meeting, polling center or precinct can vote easily, securely and secretly at a voting booth on a computer or using a tablet.

Cast Votes using Paper Ballots

Receive paper ballots as well as electronic ballots so all votes are tallied together allowing you to combine voting results into one, easily accessible place.

Expert Vote Services for In-Person Meetings, Conferences or Convention

Our inhouse Vote Experts offer a wide range of services for your vote in person. Add these election officials at any time to ensure a successful vote.

Scrutineering Services

Our voting experts advise you on best practices to allow your vote to comply with state, provincial or federal voting standards and industry-specific requirements, and to ensure your election or meeting is transparent, verifiable and independently observable. Or have an unbiased, independent, third-party election worker monitor the live vote remotely or on-site.

Integration Expertise

If you have polling systems or processes that are integral to the way your organization votes, our voting Experts work with your technical team on API strategies to share voter details, vote from your website or member management system, or update voter engagement details. Or use our technology team to develop and implement polling processes for your vote in-person too!

Results Certification

If your in-person vote requires attestation to meet State, Provincial or Federal statutes or legislation, or you need to have external observers review your polling process, our Experts work with your team to ensure auditability and compliance, along with issuing a certification report to certify the process and the voting results as an independent third party.
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Reviews from Customers who Loved their In-Person Voting Experts

“ElectionBuddy’s Vote Experts provide over the top support with skill and knowledge. Our project went smoothly and completed without a peep heard from our membership.”

Linda C, President 
Lewis Carroll Society of North America

“My Vote Expert could not have been more helpful and ensured the process of developing and running our voting was seamless. Thanks for all the great service!”

Troy O., General Manager 
Mount Lawley Golf Club

“The Vote Expert did an excellent job. Answered every question with a quality answer in a timely manner. Very happy with the service received from our expert and with the ElectionBuddy.”

Carla W., Clerical Admin 
IBEW Local Union 94

ElectionBuddy In-Person Voting Features

Voter Security

Personal voting keys are created and used only once. Require a 2nd password or confirm voter identity by phone. We use 256-bit encryption - the same as major banks.

Anonymous Voting

All voting choices are confidential and cannot be linked to the voter for elections. And results can be hidden until the election ends for further anonymity.

Independent Verification

A neutral third-party staffed by accountants ensures fairness and helps resolve election challenges. It also allows voter and independent review and recount.

Multiple Ways to Vote

Voters can vote remotely, at a voting center, or during a meeting using their cell phone, computer, tablet or mail. Voting is completed using a simple, easy-to-use, tech-friendly ballot.

Election Audit

Voter ballots and results are observable and auditable to verify votes are correctly cast and avoid election fraud.

Reports and Graphs

View winners and results in easy to read summaries, pie charts and bar graphs. Analyze the voter list and conduct a voter audit too.

Our Voting Methods

Voting done right with the right help you need

We’ve seen thousands of organizations handle millions of voters so we understand your wants and needs. Whether you want to run it yourself, need a little training, or have us do the entire vote for you, we can do it your way.

Set Up Voting Yourself

Just answer a few questions, and we’ll guide you through the set up of your vote.
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Voting Experts Can Help

Get advice and answers as you go, with a final Expert review before voting starts.
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We Do Your Voting Setup

Have a dedicated Expert do it all remotely or onsite, from the start of voting to results.
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Need help getting your In-Person Vote ready?

Whether you just need a little training, or you want us to take care of the entire voting process, let’s chat about what works for you so you can make amazing decisions, quicker.

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