Offer Voting to your Parliamentarian Clients

ElectionBuddy ensures that you can configure a voting solution that confirms to Robert's Rules.  Conduct majority votes for both candidates and motions during meetings, and follow Robert's rules for in-person and electronic meetings too!

Reviews from other Parliamentarians and their clients

ElectionBuddy understood the assignment and created a voting platform that was exactly what we requested! They incorporated Robert's Rules for our supermajority voting and designed a ballot that specifically fit the needs of our organization.
Deidre R.
Jack and Jill of America
"Our voting procedures are strict to Robert's Rules, and the ElectionBuddy voting processes met our demanding needs and requirements"

Hayley A.
Michigan Democratic Party
"We have run virtual, onsite and hybrid meetings and use ElectionBuddy for all our parliamentary resolutions and main motions. We love the ability to quickly amend and update during debates and our Experts always go above and beyond for us. 
Samantha R.
Minnesota Nurses

Why Parliamentarians choose us

Configurable to follow Robert's Rules

ElectionBuddy has been carefully crafted to ensure that online election integrity is safeguarded at every step. This ensures that your partners, and clients share the same trust with you that you have with ElectionBuddy.

Easy administration and easy voting

Whether it’s your first time or tenth time using ElectionBuddy, it is designed to be usable with minimal training. From setup to voting to results, both you and your voters will breeze through the process.

Vote online on anything you want

The variety of voting methods combined with flexible ballot options allows ElectionBuddy to be used to vote on motions, resolultions, candidates or anything and everything.

Everywhere access increases engagement

Because all voters can use their own phone or tablet, it's convenient for voters to vote.  Voters receive text message and emails notice to register and vote, and can vote during meetings or using absentee ballots. 

Ballots that work for Parliamentarians

Create perfectly designed accessible ballots. Below are samples used by firms like yours:

Meeting Resolution

Voters vote for or against a resolution during a meeting or on the ballot of a remote election.

Budget Approvals

Voters review and confirm an attached budget and provide comments.

Client Board Elections

Voters choose the number of candidates based on vacancies. The candidates with the most votes win.


ElectionBuddy just works
for your clients

The ElectionBuddy voting system can meet the most demanding client needs so you can feel confident that you can handle any type of vote, from candidates to motions, within meetings or for absentee ballots for any type of majority vote using a wide variety of voting systems.

“ElectionBuddy provided Fully Managed Services in order to maintain the integrity that reflects our court and judicial system. Our elections have been challenged via a court case which was ultimately dismissed, due in part to the high integrity of the ElectionBuddy Process."

Glenn D., 
New York State Court
Clerks Association
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Need help getting your
firms's voting organized?

Whether you just need a little training, or you want us to take care of the entire voting process, let’s chat about what works for you so you can make amazing decisions, quicker.

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