Offer Voting to Clients as an Inspector of Elections 

ElectionBuddy allows you to mail notices or send them via email or text message.  You full visability to the voting counts, or you can count and tally the ballots yourself so you can present the results with high integrity.  Whether you are in California or Colorado or Kansas, run your votes quickly with excellence.

Why an Inspector of Election typically chooses us

Completely Observable with Integrity

ElectionBuddy has been specifically designed to ensure that all actions are  tracked with integrity, from setup to voter management to results. This allows your clients to trust the process, while making it easy for you to certify the votes.

Easy Adminstration and Easy Voting

Whether it’s your first time or tenth time using ElectionBuddy, it is fast to learn and use with little training required. Fast setup, fast answers to voter questions and fast results equates to an easily certifiable election. 

Vote on anything online or paper or both

Electronic voting combined with paper ballots, along with the ability to easily mail and remind from a central hub equates to easy setup for candidate elections, motion approvals or any kind of vote.  And ballots can be delivered to your address for tallying, or to us, you choose! 

Everywhere access increases accountability

Because you can access ElectionBuddy wherever your clients are using a computer or tablet to manage the vote, you can go where your voters want you to be. It's convenient for you to certify counts and votes onsite, and also increases your clients trust in the process while adhering to statutes.

Ballots that work for an Inspector of Election

Create perfectly designed accessible ballots. Below are samples used by firms like yours:

Client Board Elections

Voters choose the number of candidates based on vacancies. Candidates with the most votes win.

Budget Approvals

Voters review and confirm an attached budget and provide comments.

Approve Initiatives

Oversee a vote to approve new or reject new member partners.

Parliamentary Organizations

ElectionBuddy just works
for you and your clients

The ElectionBuddy voting system can meet the most demanding client needs whether you are so you can feel confident that you can handle any type of vote, from candidates to motions, using absentee ballots or in meetings for any type of majority vote using a wide variety of voting systems.

“ElectionBuddy provided Fully Managed Services in order to maintain the integrity that reflects our court and judicial system. Our elections have been challenged via a court case which was ultimately dismissed, due in part to the high integrity of the ElectionBuddy Process."

Glenn D., 
New York State Court
Clerks Association
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Need help getting your
voting organized?

Whether you just need a little training, or you want us to take care of the entire voting process, let’s chat about what works for you so you can make amazing decisions, quicker.

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