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ElectionBuddy is the number one voting platform for College and University Faculty and staff members, for department chair votes, faculty feedback, academic commentary or anything that requires high integrity feedback.

Reviews from College and University Faculty and Staff

"As an administrator, I recommend ElectionBuddy for University Senate votes. It's easy to understand and results in fast decisions."

Erika M.
The University of Notre Dame Australia
"ElectionBuddy is an invaluable tool especially when combined with their expert services.  We are very pleased to provide a reference."

Calvin D.
Maricopa Community Colleges
"ElectionBuddy is excellent! We appreciate all the translations and the ability to run votes in a wide variety of Languages"

Guillermo M.
Guillermo Facultad de Educación

Why college and universities choose us for Faculty and Staff Votes

You can’t be “too busy” to vote

Email and SMS notice types and reminders, as well as remote and on-site strategies for capturing votes, maximizes the convenience of voting and helps you increase turnout.

A simple solution for all kinds of elections

A comprehensive set of voting methods allow ElectionBuddy to be used for any decisions or surveys that must be put forth toward the student body — not just Director or Executive position elections.

An excuse for using cell phones in class

An optimized and dynamic mobile voting experience allows students and faculty to vote on the device they prefer, and can vote at any point when the voting period is open.

Affordable, even on a student budget

Post-secondary education is expensive enough without adding election costs to it — ElectionBuddy is priced to fit within your student budget, while still giving you the features you need.

Ballots that Work for Faculty and Staff

Create easily accessible, perfectly designed ballots. Below are samples used by higher education institutions:

Department Chair Elections

Voters select 1 candidate and the candidate with the most votes wins. This is known as Plurality Voting.

Board  and Senate Elections

Voters choose the number of candidates based on vacancies. The candidates with the most votes win.

Committee Meeting Votes

Voters vote to approve or reject motions or agenda items, for example, the prior meeting's minutes.

Faculty and Staff at Colleges and Universites

Across Campus, Around the World, Anytime.

Regardless of whether you're a faculty member, involved with an academic committee, or a senate leader, the ElectionBuddy voting platform has the strength and standards to meet any need for any type of vote, allowing you to reach a decision quickly

“We highly recommend ElectionBuddy to anyone looking to improve their election, whether it’s to streamline the voting process, add another level of security and integrity, or simply to take the stress of holding an election out of the equation.”

Ashley P., Marketing Manager
Saskatchewan Polytechnic Students' Association
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Want to increase your academic voting presence?

Whether you require a little training, or you want an expert to manage the full vote, let’s talk about your needs so you can meet all your faculty and staff voting requirements.

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