Onsite Meeting Votes

March 6, 2024

Onsite meeting votes remain a popular way to make decisions thanks to their immediacy. Onsite voting also allows for last-minute appeals and discussions before voting, which can help to facilitate in-person dialogue that might not happen using remote voting options. 

In-person voting helps members understand the value of their community and their role in shaping its future. Voting onsite doesn’t necessarily mean only using outdated paper ballots. 

It often utilizes technology such as in-person voting software that is secure yet transparent. The key is to find the right balance of accessibility and functionality that fits an organization's needs.

Keeping It Traditional

Many entities continue to insist upon onsite voting as a matter of principle. Despite the world’s continued trend toward remote work, the fact remains that face-to-face interaction is often a better means of building relationships. 

Organizations aren’t the only ones insisting on onsite voting. Certain states and municipalities require that onsite voting remain an option in some elections. Therefore, many associations opt to make in-person meetings their default choice for holding a vote.

Inclusivity is another key reason institutions continue to hold onsite meeting votes, as not all constituents may be tech-savvy. The ADA is another key driver that ensures everyone has a right to be heard. 

Onsite voting ensures that everyone is included in the decision-making process. Holding a vote side by side with their colleagues helps individuals to feel empowered, and it can cultivate a collaborative environment that allows voters to better understand the opinions of others. 

Still, many voters want their votes to remain anonymous to avoid pressure to vote one way or another. Accomplishing this requires a coherent onsite voting strategy. 

Implementing Onsite Voting Effectively

Regardless of an organization's desire to encourage discussion, when it comes time to vote, the process must be secure. Doing so means implementing strategies such as:

Keeping It Simple

All the technology in the world has yet to replace the voting booth. The ballot may have gone digital, but the act of standing in a private booth to cast a vote is still a tried and true method. A simple privacy screen helps a voter to feel unintimidated. 

Choosing the Right Tech

A voting machine is effective but expensive. Newer options such as secure smartphone voting allow for quicker votes through a familiar interface. 

With this comes the need for strong security features that eliminate the risk of interference. Platforms such as ElectionBuddy have developed precisely these tools to help make voting more convenient. 

Clear Communication

Notifying prospective voters of their options regarding voting during meetings is crucial. Last-minute explanations or sudden changes in procedure should be avoided. Setting expectations in advance helps to streamline the process so voters know what to expect. 

Communication also needs to continue throughout the voting process. Supervisors must be available to answer questions and help voters should they encounter any issues. In some cases, independent election professionals and monitors are the best choice for these types of roles. 

The Future of Onsite Voting

Onsite voting isn’t going away anytime soon. There will always be value in holding onsite meeting elections. The only certainty is that technology will continue to take a larger role in securing and verifying votes. 

Tools such as those offered by ElectionBuddy offer organizations an efficient way to hold onsite votes while still allowing those offsite to participate. Today’s companies and associations are spread across the country, making onsite voting impractical for some. Still, those located at a company headquarters may prefer to hold their vote in person even if their coworkers across the country are voting remotely

Within these hybrid systems, associations of all kinds can increase access to voting across the board. Increased participation yields better results by including everyone’s voices rather than just those in the room. 

ElectionBuddy provides more than just the technology to hold a vote—it offers professional election advice via a dedicated voting expert. These experts understand the complex laws and regulations that govern votes and elections of all types, and can provide advice regarding best practices.

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