Cooperative Housing Society Election Process

September 25, 2023

Buying a home is a significant decision, and many people seek spaces that offer maximum benefits; this is why cooperative housing societies have become increasingly popular. 

They offer affordable down payments, longer mortgage terms, and shared maintenance, repairs, utilities, and insurance costs. Living in a housing society means adhering to its rules and regulations, fostering a sense of community, and sharing responsibility.

A cooperative housing society is a specialized type of housing association dedicated to offering affordable housing to its members. It is recognized as a legal entity, often structured as a cooperative or a corporation, and holds real estate ownership. These associations can be owned by non-profit organizations or by shareholders and are established and operated by a group of individuals who pool their resources to purchase or construct housing for their personal use.

Organization leaders keep members informed about the cooperative's activities and the importance of the election, actively encouraging them to participate. They use multiple communication channels and consider incentives for voting.

What Types of Elections Are Conducted in a Housing Society Election?

Election for Leadership Positions

This is a typical election where the members elect key leaders, such as the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. These individuals hold significant responsibilities in the daily functioning of the cooperative.

Election of the Board of Directors

The board of directors is responsible for strategic decision-making and overall governance. Members vote for the board of directors during a cooperative board election, ensuring that qualified and capable individuals guide the organization toward its goals. 

How many directors are in a cooperative? The incorporation by-laws set the number, but the board of directors usually has an odd number of members, such as five, seven, or nine, to avoid tie votes and allow smooth decision-making.

Election of the Audit Committee

This committee audits the society's accounts for financial transparency and integrity. The members of the society elect the audit committee.

Election of the Dispute Resolution Committee

This committee is responsible for resolving disputes between the society's members, ensuring harmony and cooperation. The members of the society elect the dispute resolution committee.

What Is the Election Process?

Different societies may have various voting systems, such as tower-wise voting, voting on panels, or full committee elections. Ensuring adequate representation for all residents in large multi-building housing societies or condominiums can be challenging. 

To tackle this, some organizations use tower-wise voting, where each building elects its representatives to the managing committee or board. This method ensures that every segment of the community has a voice in decisions and that each building's unique concerns are addressed. 

Some cooperatives allow candidates for board or committee positions to form panels, with each candidate running for a different role. Members vote for an entire panel instead of individual candidates, which streamlines voting, promotes teamwork, and allows for a cohesive elected group. However, this approach restricts members from selecting candidates from different panels, limiting their choice.

Here are the steps to conducting an election:

  1. Choose an impartial voting officer who clearly understands the election process. This person will be responsible for ensuring the election is fair and transparent.

Make sure the selected officer is not closely related to any of the candidates and has experience in managing elections or similar events.

  1. At least fourteen days before the election, distribute a clear and comprehensive notice detailing the date, time, and location to all members via multiple channels. Use email, postal mail, community bulletin boards, and social media to reach all members.
  1. Encourage members to submit written nominations of a diverse group of candidates to the voting officer at least seven days before the election. Promote the importance of diversity and representation in all communications about the election to encourage a wide range of nominations.
  1. Ensure the voting on election day is conducted fairly and transparently, usually adhering to the one-person, one-vote principle. Use a secure and comprehensible voting system and accommodate members who need assistance. Consider using an electronic voting system like ElectionBuddy to streamline the process and reduce human error. 
  1. Count the votes in the presence of candidates or their representatives and declare the candidate with the most votes as the winner. Make sure the process is transparent and resolve any disputes–ElectionBuddy has an automated system for vote counting to reduce human error.
  2. Organize an orientation session for the new committee members to review their responsibilities, the society's bylaws, and any other important information they need.

Conduct Reliable and Transparent Elections With the Help of Technology 

It is essential to have transparent elections to build trust. ElectionBuddy is a comprehensive solution for conducting various types of votes, including candidate elections, board positions, budget approvals, and more. It provides multiple voting options, such as cell phones, tablets, computers, or mailed printed ballots, and supports various voting systems.

Experience seamless elections with ElectionBuddy! This platform is designed to be secure, flexible, and user-friendly, ensuring reliable and transparent polls, essential for your cooperative housing society's smooth functioning and long-term success.

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