Can a Condo Board Vote Via Email?

September 25, 2023

Condo communities are usually large property complexes that comprise multiple individual units. When it comes to condo association elections, the process needs to be executed carefully to ensure that it aligns with local laws and association guidelines. 

One question that often comes up in this regard is whether members of condominium boards can vote via email. While email voting is typically not permitted, electronic voting is a great alternative!

Nuances of Electronic Voting

A board of directors is generally prohibited from conducting online meetings and holding elections via email. For example, the California Open Meeting Act specifically says that board members in that state cannot vote on an association matter using email. 

While voting through email is not an option according to many state laws, it does not take electronic voting via secure platforms off the table. Online voting software can provide a means for condo and board members to conduct safe and efficient elections. In fact, e-voting can provide the same result as email voting but in a secure environment. 

For example, when you choose the ElectionBuddy platform for your condo election, there are only three simple steps to take that make the voting process hassle-free. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Design your ballot. Choose a template from a variety of ballot types and add details such as candidate names, pictures, and bios. Then, add your voter list. 
  • Step 2:  Vote! ElectionBuddy has a user-friendly interface that allows voters to use their computer, tablet, or phone when voting. You can even send reminders to increase the overall turnout. 
  • Step 3: Share results instantly. You can release the results immediately or at your convenience. Moreover, you can publish live results to make the election more engaging for voters. 

What Are Other Ways of E-Voting?

While voting through a dedicated electronic platform is a great option, you might want to explore other methods of e-voting to see which one is best for you. Here are three popular alternatives:

Voting Apps

Some condo associations exclusively use mobile applications designed for the purpose of e-voting. These apps are usually provided by online voting platforms and can be installed by voters on their smartphones or tablets, providing them with a convenient way to participate in elections.

Hybrid Voting

Hybrid voting offers a combination of traditional in-person voting and online voting. With this system, voters have the flexibility to pick their preferred voting option, whether it is in-person or electronic. This can be a more inclusive and accommodating way to conduct elections. 

Hybrid voting is particularly useful in matters of high importance. In such cases, every vote counts and you want to make it as easy as possible for all members of the association to vote.

Online Form Voting

This is an unsecure way of conducting online voting and one that we don’t recommend. It’s when you use an online form app like Google Forms or SurveyMonkey to conduct elections. However, it’s almost impossible to verify voter identities using this method, so it’s better to use another means of collecting votes. 

Steps for Adopting E-Voting

If you are ready to introduce e-voting to your association, here are three important steps for adopting e-voting:

Check Your Governing Documents

Check your condominium documents to make sure that your organization’s bylaws are up-to-date. It is important to confirm if electronic voting is permissible and if any restrictions apply.

Create a Resolution

Consult legal counsel and craft a resolution that clearly describes the process of e-voting so all stakeholders understand the procedure and adhere to its guidelines. This will help ensure compliance with the new system. 

Send Out Notices to Homeowners

When implementing a new policy or procedure, it is crucial to send a notice to all homeowners informing them of the board meeting where the resolution will be discussed. 

Final Thoughts

There are different forms of e-voting, so you can choose the one that seems to be the most feasible option for your association. Keep in mind, though, there are laws that prohibit the use of email voting. 

Luckily, dedicated online voting platforms like ElectionBuddy can provide the same convenience as email voting while maintaining the integrity of your elections and complying with the law!

Wondering whether voting results for a condo have to be posted? Be sure to read our latest article!

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