Sports Voting System

September 15, 2023

Whether public or nonprofit, a sports organization needs a governing board, subcommittee, and administrative board to take care of the day-to-day operations of the organization. 

But these people have set terms, which means they fulfill a specific number of years as a committee or board member, then step down to make way for better-suited members. That’s where sports organization voting comes in. 

Types of Sports Voting Systems

Sports organizations typically use the following voting systems to select their committee or governing body: 

1. First-Past-the-Post Voting

The first-past-the-post system gives a voter the option to cast one ballot in favor of a candidate. The candidate who receives the most votes wins the election and gets the position the organization has opened, e.g., president, vice-president, treasurer, or secretary. 

However, sometimes, the second runner can also get a senior position if it’s open. This depends on the laws of the sports organization and the vacancies open. 

2. Preferential Voting

The preferential voting system gives voters the option to rank the candidates of their choice in order of preference. They select their first choice, then the second, followed by the third, and so on. The candidates with an absolute majority will win the election. 

3. Majority Electoral Voting

The majority voting system enables voters to cast their ballot in favor of a candidate of their choice. However, in this case, the candidate requires a fifty-plus-one majority to win the election instead of getting the highest number of votes.

For instance, let’s say a sports organization with a sixty-two-member board elects four candidates. Of those four, one gets twenty-nine votes, the second gets seventeen votes, the third gets nine votes, and the fourth gets five votes. 

According to the majority voting method, none of the candidates win because they don’t have a fifty-plus-one majority. This means the election needs to be run again to find the right candidate, but this time, only the first two or three candidates will be allowed to participate. 

Challenges in Sports Voting

Most sports organizations elect leaders using only a paper ballot voting system (without any integration of a digital voting system), which can lead to the following challenges:   

1. High Time and Effort Requirements

Elections can take time and effort to set up. This is especially true when going the paper-voting route, which requires groups to print notices, pay postage fees, and arrange for members to be present on the voting day–all without violating any organization bylaws and state regulations. 

But of course, we understand that not all voters prefer digital voting, and organizations can’t always avoid paper votes. This is why we offer paper ballots, as well, and can print them for you to simplify your elections.

2. Inaccuracy 

Paper ballots are prone to duplication if not printed carefully. This creates uncertainty and can already slow down a long process when inevitable election mishandling claims pop up. This is why at ElectionBuddy, we assign a unique key to each paper ballot, ensuring there’s no duplication.

3. Inefficiency  

It can take days to send mail notices while making sure they aren’t sent to the wrong address and even more time for voters to reply. This lack of efficiency can lead to lower attendance on voting day and skew election results. But at the same time, you can avoid this inefficiency by using a reliable postal service and combining digital and paper ballots. This way, you’ll have to mail ballots only to voters who prefer paper ballots.

Advantages of an Electronic Voting Platform for Sports Voting

Without a digital voting option, paper ballots can be error-prone, expensive, and time-consuming, but they’ve always been a go-to. Why shift over to electronic voting? Here are some reasons:

1. Save Time and Money

When organizations use only in-person balloting without a digital voting option, they have to spend money on postage, notice printing, and other mailing costs. They also have to worry about hand-counting votes, tallying them, and ensuring there are no duplicates. 

Electronic voting saves groups from that hassle by automating the voter notice and vote tabulation processes, saving time and money. 

2. Quicker Results

Without an experienced election administrator like ElectionBuddy, hand-counting thousands of ballots can take a day or two, depending on the number of people who are counting. Plus, the more people there are, the higher the chances of error. 

Electronic voting eliminates this problem by providing results minutes after the ballots close (and sometimes even live). This helps ensure the accuracy of results while getting everything done in one business day. 

3. Improved Security and Verifiability 

As it’s supported by secure servers, TLS-encrypted websites, and high-tech fraud prevention measures, electronic voting is more secure than paper or in-person voting. 

Plus, because every voter is assigned a unique voting ID and password, organizations can ensure there are no duplicates and that everyone has cast their votes in line with organizational bylaws and state regulations. 

But keep in mind that ElectionBuddy assigns a unique voter ID to paper ballots, too, so those we print are more secure than what you might produce.

Secure and One-Click Voting With ElectionBuddy

If a sports organization has fewer than 1,000 members, switching from only paper-based voting to hybrid or digital elections with ElectionBuddy can help save it time, money, and effort. It also makes voting super easy for group members–just a few clicks, and their vote is cast!

So, whether a group is choosing its next club president or conducting sport awards voting, ElectionBuddy streamlines the process.

Join 11,984+ organizations like yours that use ElectionBuddy to build more easy online elections

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