Sports Awards Voting

September 13, 2023

When a sports club is approaching award season, it’s time to implement an online award voting system to save the club’s time and money. 

Online voting systems, like ElectionBuddy, can make sports club elections much easier. With our simple, sophisticated, and secure voting process, clubs can efficiently conduct high-integrity polls. 

In this guide, we’ll explore why online voting platforms are ideal for sports awards voting, as well as tips on putting an online voting system in place!

Why Consider Online Sports Awards Voting?

  1. Vote Anytime, Anywhere 

By adding an online voting option to award elections, a club’s members can log on from any mobile or computer device and vote anywhere, at any time. Instead of holding a meeting and voting through a paper ballot or a show of hands process, members can simply cast their vote with the click of a button. 

Online voting is also completely transparent–club members can see live poll results and rest assured knowing there is no fraud or mismanagement in deciding awards. 

  1. Save Time and Money 

If a club uses paper ballots, it’s likely familiar with the tedious process of counting votes by hand. Unless you’re using expert third-party election administrators, it is easy to make mistakes using this method, and there’s also the risk of ballots getting lost or stolen. Online voting systems can save precious time by automating this process and providing instant results. 

  1. Security 

Our online voting platform is safe, secure, and has a high degree of accuracy. Using unique voter logins and passwords, clubs can ensure that award voting is accessible to only authorized members. 

Plus, TLS encryption, secure server environments, and high-tech fraud prevention ensure that a club’s election is as secure and error-free as possible. No more worrying about stray paper ballots lying in the trunk of someone’s car. Of course, we do understand that it’s not always possible to avoid paper ballots, so we can also print secure paper ballots for you–each with a unique voter ID.

  1. Increased Voter Turnout  

Online voting systems can also increase voter turnout, ensuring every club member gets a say in deciding important awards. Members who cannot make it to a polling station on election day can easily vote online from the comfort of their homes. This convenience is especially important in large clubs with members in different locations. 

How to Choose the Right Online Voting Platform for a Sports Club

  1. The size of the club’s membership: A club with thousands of members will need a system that can easily handle a large number of voters. 
  2. The type of election being held: During a complex election with multiple rounds of voting, it’s important to make sure the system is equipped to support that. 
  3. The security features of the voting platform: While online voting systems are generally more secure than paper ballots, a club should still find out what security measures its chosen platform has in place. 
  4. The cost of the system: Some online voting systems are free, while others can provide higher security and a smoother overall process for a small fee. 

How to Set up Online Award Voting

When a club has chosen its online sports voting system, it’s time to set up the award-voting process. 

First, it will need to register with the platform and set up accounts for eligible voters. Next, send instructions on using the system, and promote the upcoming award voting ahead of time. Members may need time to familiarize themselves with the voting process, so it’s important that they’re informed as soon as possible. 

Once the accounts are set up, the club will have to set up the election by creating a list of candidates and determining important voting rules. ElectionBuddy can make this process as simple as possible!

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