Amateur Sports Elections

September 6, 2023

An amateur sports organization is run exclusively to teach sports to youth, support and develop amateur athletes, facilitate national or international competitions, and combat juvenile delinquency. They may also take over sports-related responsibilities of the government. 

These organizations may be exempt from tax under IRC 501 (c) (3) and IRC 501 (j). This means they need to have robust elections to select leaders who are aware of how IRC provisions apply to their organization, whether their membership is local or regional, and how they can use their funding. 

But how can these non-profits ensure fair amateur sporting organization elections? That’s where electronic voting platforms like ElectionBuddy come in.  

What Is a Voting Platform?

A voting platform is a voting software tool that enables an organization, charity, club, society, or non-profit to securely conduct online elections. It is accessible, factors in employee preferences, and allows for anonymous feedback. 

Plus, this type of voting system helps gather the input of a sporting organization in a way that’s verifiable, which reduces secret balloting, promotes transparent elections, and enables clubs to share proof that the process was in line with its bylaws and standards. 

Benefits of Electronic Voting for Amateur Sports Elections

Low voting-related costs, increased confidence in the election process, and easy balloting are just a few benefits of using an electronic voting system for amateur sports elections. Let’s check out a few more: 

Increased Accessibility and Participation 

This system enables all organization members to cast their votes, no matter where they are. 

They don’t have to fly halfway around the world to reach the meeting or send proxies that may not be accepted. Instead, they can securely log into the system using their unique ID and anonymously cast their vote, which improves voter turnout.

Improved Efficiency  

Paper-based voting involves a lot of steps, from printing ballots and sending them to the correct participants to tabulating them by hand. Voting electronically helps to avoid this by enabling clubs to send e-ballots to their voters with a click. 

Streamlined process 

  1. Users sign in to the platform and add their election name and dates. 
  2. Then, they choose a ballot type and add the required details, such as photos, bios, bylaw approvals, and other details. 
  3. Next, they create email, SMS, printed, and postal notices for voters. These should have the name of the election, voting time, and link. 
  4. Then, they add their voter list. It’s important to double-check any proxies and duplicate entries, especially if a group has several people with similar names. 
  5. Finally, they send out their notices. 

Once a club has sent out its notices, voters will receive them by whichever method chosen and use the link provided within to vote on time. Organizations can also send out reminders to ensure members cast votes on time.

Automate the Election Process With ElectionBuddy

Administering an election can be challenging and error-prone, with results skewing toward one candidate because of a set-up problem. That’s where ElectionBuddy comes in!

ElectionBuddy is a voting platform that simplifies and streamlines any election process by helping groups create voting campaigns for thousands of voters, counting votes electronically to reduce chances of error, and sharing results instantly to increase voter trust. 

So, whether it’s an election for an amateur sports organization or a high-profile sports club conducting sports awards voting, ElectionBuddy has any voting process covered!

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