We’re Happy Appy to be a GetApp Category Leader

June 6, 2023

We've recently been named as a leader in the voting software category in the world-renowned web-based marketplace, GetApp and we’re keen to tell the world!

Since 2010, GetApp has grown to become the leading and most popular resource for small to medium businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve productivity through the use of software. Their Category Leaders list is based on user reviews and ratings, as well as the number of integrations, mobile compatibility, and security features. When comparing other online voting platforms, our total key features topped the list with 49 including API, customizable questions, industry templates, feedback management, polls/voting, phone voting, live results sharing, and so much more! 

Being named as a category leader also means that we received high ratings and positive reviews from our users - and with a rating of 4.9 out of 5, the results speak for themselves.  Our users have also spoken by sharing the good news themselves, as based on the GetApp user reviews, 100% would recommend ElectionBuddy.

We recently arrived at a significant milestone of conducting over 200,000 elections with 19 million voters and we’re not slowing down. Our goal is accessible democracy around the world - which means we’re still hard at work developing more features at a reasonable price for any location. 

Well you’ve heard it from our users, so why not see for yourself? Learn more about our ElectionVotes or MeetingVotes or view all of our features

Join 11,984+ organizations like yours that use ElectionBuddy to build more easy online elections

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