200,000 Elections and Meetings Served

May 23, 2023

But hey, who’s counting? 

When we’re not counting votes, we’re counting on several factors when it comes to growth. Over the past few years, we have enjoyed healthy growth, and have reached a whopping 200,000 elections and meetings since our inception!

Our journey began as a simple premise: election systems were labor intensive, hard to build, and software to run them was too expensive. This theory was in dire need of fixing.

So… we used a simple formula to try and fix the theory... It’s a combination of one part teamwork, one part technology, and two parts customers: 

  • Teamwork: Our eteam members are always pushing beyond boundaries in providing exceptional customer service to ensure smooth processes from start to finish for all the votes that take place on the platform - regardless of size or complexity.
  • Technology: By leveraging online processes such as email, text messaging and cloud based services, we have allowed and will continue to allow people to vote from anywhere in the world, at any time, and on any device, while upholding the integrity of any vote.
  • Customers: Yes, you! Our customers have given us feedback over the years and we have listened. We have redesigned the setup, added mobile voting, referendums, multi channel voting, API and integration, meeting voting, new voting systems and much more. 

This formula is something that we intend to continue, simply because it’s working.

Thanks to all have helped us and hopefully will continue to help us achieve our goal of accessible democracy around the world. While 200,000 is a step closer to this, along with being recognized as the #1 online voting platform from G2, we’re not done yet… 

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