ElectionBuddy ranked #1 for Voting on G2

April 17, 2023

ElectionBuddy has been ranked as the number one voting service on Chicago-based software marketplace, G2. Why is this significant you ask? Here’s why this is kind of a big deal for us:

Since its inception in 2011, G2 has positioned itself as the world’s most trusted and largest software marketplace with over 80 million users annually (including all Fortune 500 companies). These users rely on G2’s authentic peer-to-peer reviews to base their software purchasing decisions. G2 rankings are based on various factors such as: ease of use, quality of support, customer satisfaction, market presence, and quality of service. Values such as reliability and validity hold key to these decision-makers. 

When it comes to elections, integrity is another important value. ElectionBuddy, with its simple to set up and high integrity cloud based voting platform, has conducted over 200,000 elections with 19 million voters. During the first quarter of 2023, ElectionBuddy has outperformed the competitors earning the following badges from G2:  High performer, Highest User adoption, and Users Love Us

What do the G2 badges mean? 

Results matter!

  • In the high performer category, of the 96 reviews, 87 have rated ElectionBuddy with a score of 5/5 and eight with a score of 4/5
  • In the highest user adoption (small business) category, the results were the same
  • In the Users Love us for the high number of 5 out of 5 including 20 reviews of a 5-star rating

One of the reasons why ElectionBuddy has gained popularity among its users is its user-friendly and intuitive interface - making it easy for voters to cast their ballots. With advanced security features such as the two-factor authentication, the integrity and confidentiality of the election process will never be compromised.

Whether you’re a professional association, HOA, union, university, or a religious group, ElectionBuddy has the following benefits to make decision making, management, motion approvals and communication of the results more seamless: 

  • Accessibility: ElectionBuddy allows voters to cast their votes from anywhere - making it easier for remote voters to participate
  • Security: Advanced security measures to protect the voting process and ensure that each vote is accounted for in an accurate manner
  • Transparency: ElectionBuddy provides a transparent and auditable election process. Administrators can monitor the voting process in real-time and all vote are recorded for future review
  • Customization: Administrators can tailor their voting process to meet their specific needs. This includes creating custom ballots, setting voting rules, and adding custom messages to voters
  • Cost efficiency: ElectionBuddy is an affordable solution for organizations of all sizes and includes flexible pricing options (depending on the amount of eligible voters), the subscription-based plans make it an affordable choice for small, medium, and large organizations alike

Our shared purpose of making democracy accessible around the world, and being able to enable our vision in a cost effective manner, has allowed us to wear these badges of honor…with honor!

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