Hotel Union Contract Ratification Votes

October 5, 2022

For hotel workers out there, understanding the union contract ratification vote can be a challenge. Simply Googling “contract ratification rules” won’t tell you everything you need to know.

But don’t worry–in this guide, you’ll find the basics of a hotel union contract, the mechanism and importance of ratification votes, and the most prominent hotel union events in recent times.

Hotel Union Contract

If you talk about a hotel union in the hospitality and tourism industry, people will likely assume you’re talking about the Hotel and Gaming Trades Council (also known as HTC—Hotel Trade Council).

This is an official representative body based in New York and Northern New Jersey. The union represents over 40,000 employees in the gaming and hospitality industry; their goal is to advocate for workers' rights in non-managerial positions and ensure they receive fair treatment. However, it isn’t a global organization. They do not work for all countries or all states in the U.S.

Elsewhere, the union will most likely be linked to a specific hotel. Basically, the concept of a hotel union revolves around a group working for the welfare and well-being of low-wage hotel workers. 

A hotel union contract is an official agreement produced by the hotel union. The agreement can be between the employees of the industry and the employers, or it can be within the hotel union (i.e., between different groups of employees with different opinions). Whenever it’s within the hotel union, the contract aims to settle a conflict within the union by means of negotiation. In this way, union members can stay on the same page and stand united.

Why Are Elections Relevant?

How are contracts and voting connected? If two parties agree on the terms and conditions, where and how do any elections come into play? These are some of the confusing questions important to understanding the hotel union contract ratification vote.

Technically, there are many ways in which the terms contract and voting are linked. You can conduct a voting session before setting up a contract to settle the contents of the contract, or you can conduct a voting session after the contract is designed to delegate any changes in the clauses.

When it comes to hotel union contracts, both scenarios have happened. There have been conflicts in a few hotels, leading to hotel union contracts that call for voting. One party may support one clause while the other may be against it. Again, you can conduct a voting session to determine whether to include it in the contract or not. Similarly, unions may vote on who will design the contract or the subject of the contract; then, relevant union members may come together to create a contract, which is later signed and put into effect.

Understanding Hotel Union Contract Ratification Vote

Generally, ratification refers to a move in legal matters. After a contract is signed by both parties, it becomes binding, but in some cases, the contract may need to be ratified by a vote before it’s signed. This is usually the case when the contract is between an employer and a group of employees, such as in a hotel union. The contract is first agreed upon by the employer and the union representatives, but it’s not yet legally binding. Then, the employees of the hotel vote on whether to ratify or not. If a majority of the employees vote in favor, then the contract is said to be ratified, and it can then be signed to become legally binding. 

The hotel union contract ratification vote, therefore, is the process of voting on a hotel union contract by the employees of the hotel. This vote is necessary to make the contract official and legally binding. For more information on ratification, check out our recent post on whether the ratification of a contract can be withdrawn.

Hotel Union Contract Ratification Vote Latest Updates

Here are some of the most recent hotel union contract ratification occurrences:

  • Workers at Hilton San Diego Bayview voted to ratify a two-year contract that pursued an increase in hourly wage and readjustment of employees laid off during the pandemic.
  • Workers at TWA hotel voted to ratify the first Hotel Union contract. Employees can now easily and safely join the union to defend their rights.
  • Employees of seven different luxury hotels in Las Vegas came together to ratify a 2006 contract. The amendments suggested for the contract included increasing the hourly wages of non-tipped employees and healthcare benefits. One million dollars were set aside to end unfair labor practices.

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