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Does an Undervote Count?

Elections are fundamental aspects of democratic societies at the national and local levels. They enable citizens to choose representatives who will lead them and make decisions that affect their lives. Workplace elections are very important, as they enable employees to choose the leaders who will represent them in their dealings with mana
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Do Elections Get Audited?

As technology evolves, the way we do things shifts and changes, too. That includes our voting processes. With online hybrid voting increasing in popularity, along with other alternative methods of submitting ballots, many organizations enjoy the flexibility and efficiency of digital voting options. Yet, at the same time, many worry if the
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Online Ballot Maker: How It Works

In recent years, the world has seen a shift towards electronic voting. This means that instead of using paper ballots and counting votes by hand, more and more countries are turning to software-based systems to manage their democratic elections. But how do these election softwares work? What are the characteristics of an online voting pro
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How Electronic Voting Works

Technology might have changed the world and the way we work, but labor unions are as relevant as they were during the Industrial Revolution. From fighting for appropriate wages to representing the desires and principles of the workers, these entities stand as powerful political forces.  Since 1974, when the first organized union was
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A Complete Guide to the Inspector of Elections Duties

An Inspector of Elections is responsible for ensuring a fair and transparent election process for member-based organizations such as housing associations, alumni associations, unions, political parties, and non-government organizations (NGOs). These organizations rely on elections for their structure and order, which makes having free and
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What Is the Benefit of Being an Alumni?

There are some pretty sweet benefits to being part of an alumni group beyond just the nostalgia factor, such as the chance to participate in alumni board elections and share your experiences with an awe-struck audience of current students. That’s not all, though–there are many benefits of being an alumni. Below, we’ll explore the to
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What Is the Best Way to Engage Alumni?

If you’ve been experiencing low voter turnout during alumni board elections, your association is not alone. Alumni, like everyone else, are busy with their work and personal lives. Sometimes, it can be tricky to keep them engaged and connected to the association. One of the best ways to engage alumni is by conducting virtual board [&hel
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How Do You Build a Successful Alumni Association?

Forming an alumni association can be a game-changer for any institute of higher education. It can be a vehicle for bringing in substantial donations and greater recognition as like-minded alumni connect to work on innovative ideas. Consider Google, for example. Cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are both alumni of Stanford University.
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Using Two-Factor Authentication

One-factor, two-factor, red-factor, blue-factor. When voting it is reasonable to worry about the security of someone's vote. How can we ensure that not just anyone uses a voter's access key from an email, postcard, or text message? Thankfully there is a way to ensure that other voters do not use someone else's access key to […]
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What is a QR Code?

What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done. — Tim O’Reilly A QR (Quick Response) code is a two-dimensional barcode that can hold a lot more information when compared to your standard barcode. It was first created in 1994 by the automotive industry in Japan. This code […]
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All Hands On Deck: Working Remotely

Because of the crazy times we are living in (thanks, COVID-19), the entire ElectionBuddy team is now working remotely! This means we are still hard at work to ensure that there is zen in your elections. We also get to benefit from some cuddly new team members! Meet Jasper, our election observer (along with a few other, […
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How To Perform a Runoff Election With ElectionBuddy

Congratulations! It’s a … tie? How To Perform a Runoff Election With ElectionBuddy Your election has ended. Anticipation rises as you go to view the results. Like a kid on Christmas morning, you run to your computer, log into your ElectionBuddy account, click on your election’s name, and … your eyes widen in dread. There […
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The Importance of Having Correct Email Addresses

Whether it is an embarrassing email address created in your youth or a straightforward work email address, it is important that it is inputted correctly in your voter list! The Importance of Having Correct Email Addresses Electionbuddy offers numerous methods of contacting voters about upcoming elections. An important method of communicat
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Why Do Emails Get Marked as Spam

Whether it’s the food kind or the email kind, no one likes spam. Here are some of the most common causes of accidental spam emails. Why Do Emails Get Marked as Spam? When sending email notices to voters it’s discouraging to receive the undeliverable status meaning the voter never received their notice to vote! Currently […]
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