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June 8, 2023

Technology is evolving and so are we! We have been listening and adapting to what we’ve heard from voters and our election administrators. So, we’re super excited to share what our team has been working on to improve the voting experience and to streamline setup.

Turbocharged voting equals tighter decisions - Quorum Voting

Most organizations require a quorum to make decisions, to conduct business and to ensure that votes and elections are upheld. In order to make it easier to reach quorum, we decided (pun intended) to improve how we handle voters who want to register their vote to support the organization, but don’t want to cast specific choices on the ballot with Quorum Voting.

Voters can simply choose to register their vote for the sole purpose of reaching quorum by selecting the quorum button. This bypasses all the individual positions and questions on the ballot. 1 click for voters to bypass and one click for voters to submit, and then you are one step closer in achieving a binding decision! And just as per Robers rules, the abstentions don’t affect the voting outcome as long as the Majority of the voting members support or oppose the item being voted on. Faster voting with great decisions, it’s a recipe for happy members!

Now let’s sort things out, shall we? - Vote Box

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a filing system for your organization’s past elections and present meeting votes? We’ve used some out of the box thinking to help you move all your votes into a box (excuse the pun) with our vote box feature.

As an administrator, this feature will save you time and allow for an efficient overall flow. You can organize, group, and manage election and meeting votes as well as election announcements. If you’re running meetings, you’ll be able to keep all of your meeting votes together. Or maybe you want to store specific votes for one chapter in one place or keep all your active votes ready, while storing, or boxing up, completed votes!

We are sharing more new features soon!

Stay tuned and continue to watch our blog for more new features!

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