Voting for Faculty Associations

June 7, 2024

Faculty associations are groups of professors, lecturers, researchers, and other academic staff who advocate for the collective interests of university faculty. Effective leadership is needed to shape the future and interests of a faculty association, so electing faculty association officials should be done correctly. 

From voting on pressing matters to faculty trustee elections, having an engaged voter base is critically important. With a faculty association election, voting allows members to democratically select representatives, make decisions on pivotal issues, and shape the direction of the organization.

Types of Faculty Association Votes

Faculty association elections can play essential roles in advancing the interests of its members, and pave the way for the association’s future. When evaluating the best way for faculty members to cast their ballots in an election, consider the issues and initiatives up for vote. Here are some types of voting faculty associations may host:

  • Leadership: Faculty association elections can be used to choose leadership to represent and advocate for its members. Elected leaders can participate in negotiating contracts, advocating for fair working conditions, and furthering the professional development of the members they serve. 
  • Faculty feedback: Every institution can benefit from constructive criticism. By collecting votes on certain issues, events, programs, and initiatives, faculty associations can gauge the mood of their members and make more informed decisions. 
  • Academic commentary: Academia thrives on debate, critical analysis, and exchange of ideas. Voting on academic commentary is important because it allows diverse perspectives and expertise to be considered in important, scholarly conversations. By voting on academic commentary, scholars can evaluate the quality, relevance, and impact of research findings within their field to maintain the institution’s credibility on important issues.

Online platforms like ElectionBuddy have customizable ballot options that accommodate faculty association elections, including department chair elections, board and senate elections, committee meeting voting, and more. Be it gathering faculty feedback or electing key leaders, the ElectionBuddy platform makes any type of election easy. It also streamlines decision-making to quickly and efficiently advance important initiatives.

Engaging Voters

It’s hard to shape the future of a faculty association without engaged, informed voters. Solid participation by members is key to making sure that different voices and interests are heard. 

So, how do faculty associations get voters to participate in elections? To engage members, it’s essential to make them aware of the election and the stakes involved. After all, voting impacts policies, key decisions, and the overall wellbeing of the faculty association. 

Why Vote Remotely?

Association members often have busy schedules and may not live close to campus. By offering voters the chance to vote from anywhere, the association can boost voter participation. ElectionBuddy has an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly platform that makes for a simple and seamless election experience–allowing faculty to vote on personal devices at their own pace.

The easier and more accessible an election is, the better the results. ElectionBuddy makes it simple to communicate important election information to constituents via text or email. Remote voting is convenient and promotes inclusivity, accessibility, and trust. It also removes obstacles for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities, guaranteeing that their voices are heard!

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