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May 21, 2024

The Alberta Condo Expo (ACE) 2024 is a major event tailored for the condominium community in Alberta. ElectionBuddy was in attendance this year, April 26-27, 2024, at the NAIT Productivity and Innovation Centre in Edmonton. The expo offers a comprehensive platform for condo owners, board members, managers, and industry professionals to engage in educational sessions, network, and explore the latest products and services. We were thrilled to participate not only for the networking opportunity but to get in front of the local condominium community in Alberta because one of our main offices is located in Edmonton!

We were one of over 50 vendors to participate in the Trade Show and were excited to be asked to speak at the Educational Sessions that take place throughout the event. These breakout sessions cover a variety of topics critical to the condominium community. This year, ElectionBuddy focused learnings to help the Alberta condominium communities revolutionize their voting processes.

ElectionBuddy's goal for attending this event was to help Alberta condominiums and HOAs see an easy way to election excellence with our great platform and services. Whether they were looking to facilitate their votes themselves or enlist our Expert Services, there's an affordable solution available to everyone.

Why do Alberta condominiums or HOAs need ElectionBuddy?

In the wake of Covid-19 Pandemic many condominium and homeowner associations boards faced unprecedented challenges, especially when it came to conducting crucial votes. Suddenly, traditional in-person meetings were no longer feasible, prompting the need for virtual or remote voting solutions. Enter ElectionBuddy, a game-changer that has managed over 250,000 votes since the pandemic began. The Alberta condominiums and HOAs need a high integrity and easy way to reach election excellence, and that's what ElectionBuddy can do!

ElectionBuddy caters to a wide array of election types

From board and executive elections to bylaw amendments, fee and budget ratifications, motion approvals, high-integrity surveys, and building compliance checks. With its versatility, ElectionBuddy ensures that every aspect of HOA decision-making is streamlined and efficient.

ElectionBuddy provides benefits to those involved in voting within Alberta's condominium and HOA space

The Administrators of the vote, including board chairs, community managers, third-party scruitneers, lawyers and even accountants have found ElectionBuddy indispensable for managing elections with ease. Meanwhile, voters - consisting of board members and owners - appreciate the user-friendly interface and seamless voting experience from their phone, tablet or even laptop!

No one wants a complicated election process, which is why ElectionBuddy simplifies the entire voting processwith incredible features! ElectionBuddy can send notice for registration, record the vote, remind the voters, tally the results and share those results when the election ends. This comprehensive suite of tools ensures transparency and accuracy at every stage of the election. And we specifically address the need for the Alberta condo corporation requirement for 10,000 unit factors which are allocated between owners, no matter the number of units.

The method at which Alberta condominiums and HOAs conduct their votes doesn't matter, ElectionBuddy can find a solution to fit the specific requirements! With easy setup for remote elections with absentee ballots, amazing support for those onsite annual general meetings (AGMs), seamless integrations for your virtual meetings or hybrid voting scenarios. ElectionBuddy can combine virtual and onsite participation. We adapt to the needs of each HOA we work with!

Our friendly name should still be taken seriously, as ElectionBuddy is about ensuring voting integrity through a variety of measures like:

- Observability: Transparent tally verification ensures no tampering with results.

- Anonymity: Voter choices remain confidential, guarding against vote-selling practices.

- Unbiasedness: Administrators cannot influence voter decisions or outcomes.

- Accessibility: ElectionBuddy ensures that all eligible members have an equal opportunity to cast their votes.

- Fairness: Voting rights are upheld according to HOA bylaws.

- Different Methods: From weighted votes to proxy voting, ElectionBuddy offers diverse options to accommodate various voting needs.

Alberta condominiums and HOAs can leverage ElectionBuddy to help increase voter turnout and achieve quorum, especially for crucial decisions like fee increases or special assessments. With streamlined notice methods—email, SMS text, postcard, letter with ballots —and flexible voting options—computer, phone, tablet, mail, or kiosk—ElectionBuddy makes participation convenient and accessible for all members.

As the preferred choice for Condominium elections, ElectionBuddy empowers administrators and voters alike with its intuitive platform and robust features. By prioritizing transparency, accessibility, and integrity, ElectionBuddy is revolutionizing the way Alberta condominiums and HOAs conduct their business, paving the way for more efficient and democratic governance.

ElectionBuddy is grateful for the opportunity to spend the time at Alberta Condominium Exposition this year! We encountered new faces, met long time customers, and it was wonderful to put faces to names. ElectionBuddy thrives on helping others know that easy election excellence is a click away.

We look forward to next year!

And, when you're ready to revolutionize the voting of your Alberta condominium or HOA (or across Canada, the USA or wherever you find yourself in the world) be sure to join ElectionBuddy and experience hassle-free, secure, and inclusive voting for your community.

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