Understanding Asian Olympic Games Results

September 25, 2023

COVID-19 hit more than just local industries–it also shut down the Asian Games, the biggest competition in Asia. 

Now that things are back on track with the Hangzhou 2023 Asian Olympic Games coming soon, you might want to know whether your favorite athletes will get that gold, silver, or bronze medal!

Factors Influencing Asian Olympic Games Results 

Before we get into the how and why of Asian Olympic Games results, let’s explore which factors influence the Olympic medal standings.

1. Investment in Sports and Athlete Development 

The more financial support young athletes receive, the better they’ll be able to train and the higher they’ll score in the Asian Games. For instance, in India, the SAI actively scouts sports talent through the Army Boys Sports Company (ASBC), National Sports Talents Contest (NSTC), and SAI Training Centers (STC) schemes. 

Once the talent has been selected, the SAI fine-tunes it by providing specialized coaching in playfields that meet international standards. This has enabled India to successively increase its winnings at the game. 

2. Athletes Committee 

An athletes’ committee represents the interests of the athletes within a team or sports organization. It ensures that the points of view of athletes are taken into consideration when making decisions regarding sports policies and rules. 

Committee members are selected through sporting event elections hosted by voting platforms like ElectionBuddy, enabling organizations to choose the right candidates for the right zones. These platforms can also help organizations select members who advocate for athletes' welfare, ensure fair competition, and prevent doping, increasing athletes' likelihood of winning medals. 

3. Event Performance

While training and support heavily influence the likelihood of an athlete winning a medal, event performance trumps them both. Why? Because no matter how well-trained an athlete is, if they don’t meet the game’s parameters, they will not get a medal. 

So, if an athlete ticks all the technical and stylistic requirements of the sport, they might win a gold, silver, or bronze medal and vice versa.

Role of Technology in Asian Olympic Games Results

Technology can help judges understand what they’re seeing, why it’s correct or incorrect, and how many points they should award an athlete.

1. Athlete Performance Tracking Through Data Analysis

Instead of relying only on their eyes and paper criteria, judges can actively track athletic performance data through biomechanical sensors, video analysis, and wearable devices. For instance, video analysis can help judges re-watch the technique of the athlete and understand whether they did it right or messed up. 

2. Advanced Sports Gear 

Wireless sensors are placed into the vests and headgear of athletes competing in sports like taekwondo to track and record successful hits. This also enables judges to request a video replay in case of doubt on the mat. 

Similarly, contact plates are used in swimming contests to track and gain insight into athletes’ techniques. Some games even enable the use of smart shoes that constantly stream data that helps coaches suggest adjustments to athletes.  

Impacts of Asian Olympic Games Results 

Asian Olympic Games results, just like every other competition, have far-reaching effects. These include:

1. Increasing National Pride  

When an athlete wins a gold medal, there’s no end to the celebrations in their honor, especially in the case of Chinese, Indian, and Japanese athletes. This can increase national pride.

2. Improving Sports Funding 

If athletes perform well at the Games, it’s likely they’ll receive more funding from private investors and the government to do even better next time. This can give them access to better training opportunities. 

3. Inspiring Future Athletes  

When children and teenagers read about their favorite athletes in Olympic games news, they might be inspired to try their luck at the Asian Games, as well. This can increase the chances of a country winning more medals. 

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