Why Is Fair Voting Important?

May 19, 2023

A fair voting process ensures that everyone’s voice is heard. John Rawls, an American political philosopher, studied these principles, and he believed that “justice is fairness.” In other words, he thought that justice is based on the equal distribution of social goods, and fairness is essential in achieving this. 

Rawls defined the principles of equal basic liberties and the difference principle. The former ensures that everyone has an equal access to the most basic liberties, and the latter tries to benefit the least advantaged members of society in terms of wealth, health, and security. Individuals who form a society need to accept these ideas in order for the society they form to be just. 

By focusing on fairness, Rawls aimed to create a just society that takes into account the needs and desires of all individuals, regardless of their social standing. He believed that by assuring access to social goods, we can create a society that represents everyone. 

In the same line of thought, fairness is essential in the voting process. Technology can help us achieve this.  As we move towards a digital world, more and more governments and private organizations are holding their elections online. It has been shown that online voting ensures a secure and fair environment in which everyone can express their opinion. 

Ensuring Fairness in the Digital Age 

Online voting has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to hold the electoral process and make it easier for people to vote. Fairness is key when voting because it ensures that each individual's vote is counted equally and that everyone has an equal opportunity to participate in the democratic process. This way, we can ensure that the will of the people is manifested in the result. Democracy and fairness mean that all voices will be heard. 

If the voting process is unfair, certain groups of people may be left behind. Preventing certain groups of people from voting can lead to flawed results that do not accurately reflect the will of the people.

Fairness in voting can be achieved through several measures, such as ensuring that all potential voters have access to the polls, implementing fair and impartial rules for counting votes, and preventing outside forces influencing voters. By ensuring that the voting process is fair, we can help to maintain the principles of democracy and ensure that all voices are heard.

Proxy Voting

Online ballot makers offer many benefits. For example, it can help those living abroad or in rural areas cast their votes. Online voting not only facilitates the whole process, but also improves voter turnout. Governments can increase the total number of voters every year by implementing online voting. Before the establishment of online voting services, proxy voting was very popular. So, what is the importance of proxy voting?

Proxy voting is a process in which a person delegates their voting rights to another person, known as a proxy, to vote on their behalf. This is typically used in situations where the voter is unable to attend a meeting or vote in-person. The proxy can be a friend, family member, or any other person that the voter trusts to represent their interests. This procedure is also used in corporate settings in which shareholders may be unable to attend meetings in person.

Proxy voting can be an important tool for ensuring that all voices are heard, even when individuals are unable to be present in person. However, it is important that voters carefully consider who they appoint as their proxy, and ensure that they are trustworthy and will vote in their best interests.

Final Thoughts

Fair voting is the foundation of just representation and governance. When voting is unfair, it damages the lives of both individuals and governments. Regardless if it’s ensured through online software or other means, fair voting is of paramount importance.

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