How Many Board Members Should Your HOA Have?

February 24, 2023

Whether you live in a small apartment building or a large single-family development, you and your fellow residents might be thinking about starting a homeowners association if you don’t already have one. If so, one of the first decisions you'll need to make is how many board members to have. 

Community bylaws dictate the HOA voting process and the exact number of board members, but there's some flexibility in terms of how you can set up a board. The size of the community could impact the number of people who serve on a board. Larger communities tend to have more members.

In most cases, the number falls in the range of three to nine members per board. It is essential to keep in mind that the roles of board members can change from time to time, Boards also include a combination of returning members and newcomers in order to provide a good mix of experience and ideas. Whatever the mix, there should be a minimum of three members, as it is not a wise idea to let only one or two people have all the authority over a community.

Who Can Be a Board Member?

When choosing candidates for membership to a board, it is essential to select those who demonstrate responsible leadership qualities and foster an environment that facilitates collaboration and open communication. Ideally, when forming a board for your homeowner's association, you'll want to count on those who are responsible individuals with a vested interest in the well-being of the community. It's important to have somebody you can rely on who will be committed and diligent in their duties.

Who sits on the board ultimately depends on how people in the community vote during an HOA board election. Ideally, it should comprise members of the local neighborhood who are good communicators, and fair and unbiased when it comes to making decisions that impact everyone in the community. Having board members from diverse backgrounds will also help ensure everyone’s voices are heard and considered when making decisions. 

When You Have a Problem With a Board

If your HOA fails to represent your needs and rights, you may be wondering if you can sue your HOA for selective enforcement. Before jumping into a lawsuit, it is better to establish a civilized communication line with community leaders and talk about the issues. Knowing how to listen and how to communicate clearly are essential. 

If communication fails and board members are not able to satisfy these guidelines, it is possible to initiate a lawsuit against the board. If the HOA has been practicing selective enforcement, it's best to gather as much evidence as possible and consult with a legal professional before taking any action.

In Summary

A board member of a homeowners association plays an extremely important role in the lives of the people living in a community. It is therefore essential for board members to be able to work together harmoniously and make decisions that are in the best interest of their neighbors and the association. 

No matter how many members there are on a board, it would be ideal if they came from different backgrounds and possess different talents so that decisions can be made objectively, transparently, and fairly. Board members—no matter how many there are—should actively communicate with each other to bridge any gaps. This way, they can make insightful decisions that will benefit the whole community.

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