How to Write a Board Nomination Letter

December 26, 2022

Members of a board of directors are elected through a formal nomination process. During the selection of board members, letters are written by members who offer the names of other members for certain positions.

A board of directors nomination is an extremely important process because the board of directors is a powerful and influential governing body in any company. Designated members vote to give a new or existing board member a specific leadership role in the corporation. 

What Is a Nomination Letter? 

By definition, a nomination is a process of recommending, appointing, or sponsoring someone for a role, specific position, special prize, or award. During the nomination process, a candidate's name is recommended for appointment to a particular position or a specific award. Anybody with the authority or capacity to nominate another person can write nomination letters.

A nomination for any type of award, prize, position, or recognition can be a great honor for the company and the recipient. In the corporate world, writing a good nomination letter is a skill and can play an important role in the nomination process. If you know how to write a good nomination letter, you can communicate why a specific person is being nominated for a position or reward. 

When it comes to a board of directors, board members can nominate different people to be included as part of the board election by writing nomination letters that abide by the method used for electing board members in a specific organization. Board nomination letters are official documents that suggest or sponsor someone for a key role on the board of directors. In these letters, the nominator typically shares information about the nominee's contributions and achievements, making that person eligible for the position, and a well-written nomination letter can increase the chances of a successful nomination.

What to Include in a Board Nomination Letter

You need to include the following elements to write effective board nomination letters:


A header is the portion of the letter used to provide information about the sender. This information includes your full name, position in the corporation, and contact details, such as your email address and phone number. 

Here, you can also add or specify the name of the position or award for which you are making a recommendation. Some companies have nomination documents with preset headers, so officials or board members only have to add basic contact details.


After the header, you need to add an introductory paragraph–this paragraph should not contain more than five sentences. You can greet the recipient using their full name or with a generic greeting, such as "To whom it may concern." Then, mention the position or award you are making a nomination for. 

Add the name of the person you are nominating and give the reader reasons why you are advocating for the person. This paragraph's goal is to clearly communicate for whom and why you are writing the letter. 

Body Paragraphs

In the body of the letter, you must add multiple paragraphs with specific information about the nominee. Here, you share a nominee's contributions, achievements, and other details regarding why you support them. 

You can discuss their personality traits, leadership skills, or industry and technical skills. We recommend including the very best qualities of the nominee so the recipient of the letter can fully understand why the person is the best choice for the position.


In the summary of your nomination letter, you should summarize the most important points of your letter. You can write the summary in a paragraph or use a bulleted list to highlight the specific skills and achievements of the nominee. 

Here, you can explain, once again, why you think the nominee is the best choice for the open role or award. At the end, include closing salutations and your personal signature.

Final Thoughts

When writing board nomination letters, ensure you thoroughly understand the process. Make every word in your letter count. Be specific and avoid ambiguity so that your nominee’s positive attributes are made clear and that they have the best chance of being selected. 

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