What Are Voting Members Of A Nonprofit?

April 6, 2022

Setting up and running a non-profit organization is tough. Just because it is not established with the sole purpose of making profits does not reduce the effort needed to run it. One of the more time-consuming processes for any business, even a nonprofit, is selecting board members. Unfortunately, it’s currently illegal to run an incorporated nonprofit without a board of directors, so there isn't an option to skip doing so. While establishing a board may be another added task on the to-do list, a well-selected one will contribute to a nonprofit’s success. 

In this article, we’ll cover who the voting members of a non-profit organization are, whether or not online voting at organizations is possible in board elections, and why  having a board is a must.

Who are the Voting Members in a Nonprofit?

Technically speaking, a voting member has powers that are outlined in a nonprofit’s governance framework. This policy document asserts that voting members are individuals who can elect board members, which means that they can vote for those who get a seat on the board. 

The elected board members are the ones who will make decisions on policies, by deciding on what they see as being beneficial not for the long term vision of the nonprofit

On the other hand, the non-voting members of a nonprofit are those that may offer their help, services or advice, but cannot vote on key decisions or board elections.

How are Board Members Selected? 

The voting system with which board members are selected should also be stipulated by a nonprofit’s policies and corporate governance document. It should be aligned with the organization’s needs and resources, which includes its circumstances and the time that it takes for the election to preside. 

The voting system must be reliable and efficient. It should be accurate and credible, leading to valid results that are tamper-proof. 

Why are Board Members Essential in Non-profit Organizations?

The board members can make or break a nonprofit. They hold the knowledge and expertise to help run the organization. With many years of experience from different industries and roles, the board members hold the key to unlocking the true success of the nonprofit. 

Many board members choose to give insights and experience voluntarily, as a way to make sure that the organization is making the best use of all the resources that they have at their disposal. This is crucial as nonprofits must often strive to achieve their goals, with far fewer resources than a public or private company would do. 

The Role of Voting Members in Non-profit Organizations

Voting members are a vital part of non-profit organizations. Every voting member has the power to put the right people in charge, as well as to agree or disagree about certain business decisions being made. 

The voting members, therefore, need to realize their importance in the chain of command at nonprofits. They have the power to choose the best people possible for their organization’s board, and this can make a difference to their organization’s ability to reach its goals. 

Moreover, ensuring that the voting system to be implemented is robust and fit for purpose is one of the best ways to be certain that the voting members’ power is at the optimum.

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