All Hands On Deck: Working Remotely

April 6, 2020

Because of the crazy times we are living in (thanks, COVID-19), the entire ElectionBuddy team is now working remotely! This means we are still hard at work to ensure that there is zen in your elections. We also get to benefit from some cuddly new team members! Meet Jasper, our election observer (along with a few other, less cute-and-cuddly team members).

Our team is working remotely!

With all jokes aside, we hope you stay safe!

Tips and Tricks for Working Remotely

With this change in our lives, it seemed likely that if our team is now working remotely, a lot of our administrators might be too! So, we’ve compiled some of our best tips and tricks for working remotely!

  • If you have a webcam with a microphone that picks up noise and makes it hard for other to hear you, get yourself a headset with a microphone instead for your online conversations.
  • If you can, create a seperate workspace at home, instead of sitting on the couch with your laptop. This will help you delineate when it is time to work and when it is time to relax.
  • Get dressed! I’m not saying you have to put on your best outfit but the act of dressing will help your brain register that it is time to work. Don’t skip your usual morning routine.
  • If you’re going to be away from your computer, make sure you let your coworkers know. Since you’re not in the office and can’t see what each other is up to at all times you might not realize that your coworker is off eating lunch unless they tell you.
  • Pets are wonderful creatures and it may be exciting to have them around when you are working from home, but they can be distracting. If your furbaby won’t let you get anything done, try doing your work in a room with a door that closes so you can squester yourself away from their unconditional love and attention. With that said, being able to sit down and destress with your cat/dog during your lunch break is a huge bonus!

Creating a good remote environment for yourself is the key to success! Everyone works and thinks differently so make sure your remote environment is set up in the best way to help benefit you.

For some more tips and tricks check out some of the below articles:

  • “Working Remotely: Tips from 100+ Remote Workers & Leaders” from HelpScout.
  • “13 Tips and Tricks for Working Remotely and Loving It” from skillcrush.
  • Working From Home Tips From Our Experienced Remote Employees” from Stack Overflow.

And as always, if you need any help setting up your elections you can reach us at support@electionbuddy.com!

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