Feature Focus: the Cumulative Tally Method

July 31, 2017

One of our developers has completed their work on the highly-requested cumulative tally method. It is now ready for you to try out in your next election!

A Brief Explanation of Cumulative Voting

Cumulative voting is a method of voting in which voters receive a certain number of votes that they can cast in an election. Therefore, voters can disperse these votes as they see fit among the candidates.

Cumulative ballot
Here is a sneak peek at what it looks like in your ballot setup in ElectionBuddy

Presently, how this works in ElectionBuddy is that the number of votes that voters have to disperse among candidates for a given ballot question is equal to the number of vacancies available for that position. However, you can adjust whether voters have to assign all of their votes, or if they can assign up to their total possible number of votes.

In California, it’s the Law!

By law, all California-based corporations that are not publicly traded must conduct their elections using cumulative voting. However, publicly-traded corporations are legally allowed to amend their bylaws and opt out of this requirement! Learn more about this California electoral requirement.

So, hello, California-based organizations – ElectionBuddy is ready for you!

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